PWC: Chinese large and medium-sized banks profitable single digit growth to become the "new normal" – Beijing, Beijing, September 21 Shanghai Xinhua (reporter Jiang Yu) PWC report released on the 21 "Banking News: 2016 half year review and Outlook" China bank pointed out that in the environment of economy and China continued to adjust the interest rate downward the first half of this year, China 30 A shares or H shares of listed banks continue to face profit slowdown, spreads contraction, non-performing loans double up and capital adequacy ratio of the pressure drop. Reported that 30 listed banks in the first half of 2016 net profit of $774 billion 452 million, an increase of 4.60%. Among them, five large commercial banks to increase the minimum (3.11%), nine joint-stock commercial banks also maintain a low growth (6.09%), 13 city commercial banks because of the scale and smaller base, still maintained a rapid growth rate (18.04%); three agricultural firms behave differently, the whole body is still growing (6.49%). From the trend, Chinese banking profit growth continues to face pressure, large and medium-sized banks a double-digit growth to become the new normal, except for a few large commercial banks and joint-stock commercial banks, city commercial banks can only generally maintain two digit growth. In terms of profitability, excluding non routine transactions and profit factors of newly listed banks earnings growth in the two great influence, the profitability of 30 banks reflects the pressure adjustment of the current economic situation. Analysis of the report, the first half of 2016, the listed bank’s interest income growth is generally weak, the stability of net profit is mainly dependent on the rapid growth of non interest income. This also led to the decline in interest income accounted for these banks, significantly increased the proportion of non interest income. In addition, the yield of interest earning assets down greatly, most of the first half of the listed banks net profit difference (NIS) and net interest margin (NIM) were compared with the same period of 2015 shrink. As of the end of 2016 6, the total assets of the 30 listed banks amounted to $135 trillion and 410 billion, an increase of 7.63% compared to the end of 2015. Have been disclosed 29 listed banks non-performing loan conditions, the overall non-performing loans amounted to 1 trillion and 130 billion yuan, compared with the end of 2015 by 10.06%; non-performing loan rate of 1.66%, up 0.04 percentage points compared with the end of 2015. PWC Chinese financial partner Wang Wei said: "although the profit growth of listed banks continue to face pressure, but the internationalization of the RMB," The Belt and Road "a new round of opening strategy has brought opportunities for the development of the banking industry. With the China enterprises to "go out" to speed up the pace, increase the market demand for cross-border financial services, China banking is actively promoting the internationalization, globalization layout, expand business areas." Since the beginning of 2016, China has issued nearly 120 billion yuan of green bonds, accounting for the same period of the global green bonds issued by 45%. China has become the world’s largest green bond issuance market, financial institutions have become the main force of the issuance of green financial bonds. Outlook for the second half of 2016, the report is expected to相关的主题文章: