Trump will "revenge" science? Original title: trump will "revenge" science? Author: Jia Hepeng   WeChat public number: intellectuals have never been an election in the United States this year, such as this can cause widespread concern of the Chinese people. Big mouth Trump challenge to the entire system is also concerned about the matter of the people continue to harvest the dramatic plot, micro-blog, WeChat and other social new media power also contributed to this. Since it is a challenge system, as a highly institutionalized science, nature will also become the object of the challenge of the Trump camp. While the vast majority of scientists and has always been the Democratic Party’s fans (although many young scholars from the Saunders camp to come), and they believe that Trump is just along for the ride. So when Trump was elected to the news was confirmed, the scientific community seems to be in disarray, scientists have a message on twitter, worried that Trump will cut research budget, the authorities reversed in response to climate change, international efforts to kill the stem cells in life science research. Naturally, there are a lot of graduate students, faced with the station after Bo worry more difficult to find a job. Of course, these fears are justified, but if distinguish campaign in Trump and Trump under President Trump and Mr. Trump; distinguished government (Trump Administration even more widely, because of both houses of Congress in the Republican Party); to identify their core interests and the scientific community is as liberal intellectuals (liberal) ideological tool of Science; and considering the international competition and cooperation in science, the actual situation may not be as bad as expected. At least that is, there will never be a Trump government because the scientific community does not cast their votes for revenge situation. To analyze this problem, here we take a look at Trump and the science of love and hate. 1 Trump and the scientific "holidays"? Nature magazine in July this year on the Trump and Hilary scientific attitude reports because of Trump’s big mouth, in his early campaign was marked by anti science tag. Such as Nature magazine in July of this year’s report, the use of Trump and Hilary on the issue of science on behalf of the two world (world apart) title. Do not ask, of course, Hilary’s scientific world more beautiful. But wait a minute. If we take a close look at Trump’s scientific remarks, we found surprisingly few. There was little before the campaign. In the election process is that climate change is a scientific conclusion "Chinese conspiracy", and recognized by the scientific community would refute "vaccine autism" rhetoric. In addition, it is almost impossible to see his obvious position. Even Trump, the most controversial evolutionary and embryonic stem cell scientist, has not made any public comment. Is Trump scientific quality is not high? We have no way of proving. But it is certain that Trump does not need to please because science while pretending to be scientifically correct, anyway, the scientific community has never been the Republican ticket bunker. The real situation is likely to be scientific issues in Trump.相关的主题文章: