More than 200 employees in the rain all night repair power Xiamen high speed rail power supply – Beijing new network in Xiamen in September 18, (Long Min Li Zhaohui Lin Huanqing) 5 am September 18th 02, the State Grid Fujian electric power more than 200 rainy night night repair team fight, 220 thousand v West Xiamen No. 24 tower repair, Xiamen electric railway traction external power supply get back to normal. According to the Fujian electric power company official said, this will lay the foundation for the protection of the power supply of Fuzhou Xiamen high-speed railway operation. Fourteenth this year, super typhoon "Meranti" 15 days 3 when 5 points to 15 in the coastal areas of Xiangan strength District of Xiamen City, Fujian Province, resulting in extremely serious loss. Photo by Chen Jin which is connected with the Xiamen West Railway Traction variable two 220 thousand volt line tower 7 base damage. State Grid Fujian electric power company surveyed the first line of the disaster, the same day that more than and 60 people, along the patrol, accurately find out the damage situation. In order to quickly rush through the traction station external power supply, the company set up headquarters at the scene, the main leaders in charge of the company command, to develop repair plan of science, from the province to mobilize repair materials and equipment, construction of power deployment of the province’s strongest, raced into the repair. Photo by Chen Jin according to reports, the company more than 200 backbone, overcome the muddy mountain road, trees lodging and other difficulties, by hand push, pull and other artificial operation, a large crane, two sets of emergency lighting at night and the number of tons of tower material transport on the hardware, in the premise of ensuring safe construction in the night the successful completion of the task, repair. The disaster repair complex, Fujian electric power hospital, traffic and water supply 3085 users as the lifeline of users, take various measures to give priority to ensuring the restoration of power supply in the first time. (end)相关的主题文章: