Made early warning aircraft was hit 9 start empty-handed taunt the history of the first China youth network in Beijing on 2 November, November 1st, the eleventh session of the China exhibition opening in Zhuhai Jinwan airport airshow center, the full spectrum of AWACS model on display for the first time and space based early warning system for machine center, opened a mysterious veil of the "air marshal". Early warning aircraft, the role of long-range warning and air command guidance, a country with a better warning aircraft, even if only half of the number of fighters, but also can win the war. Having an early warning machine is the expectation of generations in china. As early as the 70s of last century, China has started the development of early warning aircraft, but ultimately because of the limited national strength and weak technical foundation, failed. In November 1st, the eleventh session of the Zhuhai exhibition opening in Zhuhai Jinwan airport airshow Museum, on display for type 500 AWACS air marshals. The last century in 80s, the implementation of the key technology of airborne early warning radar, and gradually get a breakthrough. In order to speed up the development of early warning aircraft, China cooperation, AWACS 1994, Sino Russian Agreement three party, China buy 4 Russian IL-76 transport, by Israel on the basis of modification for Phalcon awacs. In July 2000, the United States forced the Israeli government to cancel the contract. The "Phalcon" events more firmly Chinese developed its own AWACS determination to fight for breath, make their own strategic warning machine! In fact, in China decided to introduce Phalcon AWACS, China also did not give up the research on early warning and tracking technology. Domestic R & D team has been working on the development of synchronization, master early warning machine design methods and key technologies, training and training of technical team, to lay a solid foundation for China’s own development of early warning aircraft. After the domestic AWACS officially approved, this is China "air marshals 2000". Forty years of grinding sword, China for AWACS bumpy road twists and turns, experienced groundless talk. China early warning machine from scratch, and then to the successful exit, now is the world’s 2000 air marshals, see the farthest angle, scanning the scope of the largest, most versatile, most complex system integrated information warfare command platform. These results, and the team behind inseparable, and a nearly seventy years old, inseparable…… (a) early warning aircraft are leading the world "Chinese, air marshals 2000" on the back of the active phased array radar with the key, this is the world’s most advanced airborne radar active. Foreign media said: China’s active phased array radar warning machine performance of the world’s leading. So cattle, we must be the pioneer in the field, right? Wrong! On the start, we are more than one or two years later than the United States and russia. On equipment, we completely start empty-handed. There is no advantage, Chinese AWACS on what new head? In the early 90s of last century, the outbreak of the Gulf War, so that China saw the urgency of the early warning equipment, the development of early warning aircraft and then put on the agenda. The old man volunteered to request developed awacs. He is not in the technical challenges, but the taunt: "international this problem, developed a ghost! R & D? Just buy it directly!" "Of course we can buy from abroad, save time and effort, but once the war really!相关的主题文章: