Long and short messages intertwined game fed meeting or variable opportunity sina finance App: Live on-line blogger to guide you with entries you earn can make you my long and short messages intertwined game become disc fed meeting or opportunity analysts believe you, the market in 2980 points to 3000 points of regional strong support, the callback again area should be mainly host Zhang Ying Wu Shan – low three good is worth looking forward to the "Securities Daily" reporter: Wednesday the two cities within a narrow range, the Shanghai index rebounded slightly but subject to the 60 day moving average repression, fall, and thousands of stocks failed to break the deadlock sideways. I would like to ask, what are the main factors affecting the market? Jufeng investment adviser: the market has several major events: one is worth looking forward to the Shenzhen Shenzhen Tong, or will be released in November, and most of the brokerage is expected in November 17th or Shenzhen Hong Kong will be opened, when opened, the Shenzhen Hong Kong through will bring new vitality to the market; two yuan is to join SDR, once joined will improve stock market open to some extent, is also good; three, the U.S. interest rate hike worries at the global market, the possibility of raising the interest rate has been gradually reduced, the market fears will be suspended. Therefore, in the market expected, the overall good foundation at present still maintain the position under the patience to wait for the opening time. Gold hundred Pro Investment: short-term A-share market is facing a certain amount of pressure, on the one hand, is derived from the market on the A disk will fall pressure. On the other hand comes from the Fed’s interest rate on the global capital flow pressure. However, from the current social mobility and the Bank of Japan announced on Wednesday to maintain interest rates unchanged information, global quantitative easing cycle has not been completely finished, therefore, A shares of the environment and not substantive changes. The 60 day moving average back pressure was the "Securities Daily" reporter: affected by the recent downturn in market sentiment, the A stock market in early trading yesterday there was a certain degree of lower pattern. Among them, the Shanghai composite index opened at 3021.58 points, down 1.42 points tiaokongdikai liangnengbuzu, the afternoon due to other factors, the market once again shot blocked from a slight concussion, from a technical perspective, the stock will be how to run? Shun Securities: market in 2980 points to 3000 points of regional strong support, this area should be low again callback, line 3000 points below the downside is limited, short-term fluctuation range of roughly 2980 points to 3080 points in this area, no region with the volume and hot condition of band as well. Source of capital: from a technical perspective, the stock index back pressure is very obvious daily level of 60 day moving average, but the 5 day moving average support is also worthy of the name. KDJ indicators continue in the median entanglement, obviously both sides of shilly-shally. At present, the stock index is still 15 minutes narrow channel BOLL level, which means that the short-term upward trend has not really started. Plus 3040 points above the gap is short, many want to occupy the city must stand on the 3036 point, in order to form the short threat, apparently more hair force is not enough. So if the index has not if there is upside down on相关的主题文章: