Libratone Q: wearing a Bluetooth headset product version of gesture recognition – Sohu digital September news, Libratone released the Q series bird audio headset line of products, including the Lightning interface In-Ear Earphones, ear type headset Bluetooth headset, ear type wearing a wired headset, In-Ear Earphones.   Q headset series using Libratone CityMix technology, on the one hand can be obtained by active noise reduction can be adjusted according to individual needs, and use of the scene, the freedom to choose the most ideal auditory experience; on the other hand can enhance the environment through, so you do not have to take off the headset and the outside world can easily talk. Lightning interface In-Ear Earphones and ear type wearing a Bluetooth headset with active noise reduction function, wherein, the ear type wearing a Bluetooth headset with mixed noise, the noise by up to 30dB.   Libratone ear type headset Bluetooth headset use multi touch technology, the use of gesture recognition can issue commands, such as a slide, you can adjust the volume size; multi tap, can play, pause or pick up and hang up the call; palm cover, open or closed environment enhancement. At the same time, the headset Bluetooth headset also has a Ear Sensor function, you can automatically detect the state of your wear, take off the headset music automatically suspended, put on headphones to play music.   Libratone Q series price: Lightning interface In-Ear Earphones yuan, ear type wearing a Bluetooth headset, ear type wearing a wired headset yuan, In-Ear Earphones yuan.相关的主题文章: