S90 to innovate? Or is it a Volvo? This is a car – car Sohu ask the original share articles, from the writer Li Jinhui why Volvo can keep their market share in the fierce battle with BMW, Mercedes Benz? For decades, in the case of the top luxury goods industry, there is always a golden rule: never ask customers what they want and tell them what they should have. This Law in the luxury car market is also true. Volvo proud of the three core values of quality, safety and environmental protection, security is the most stressed Volvo. As the foundation of safety, so that Volvo can keep the same tonality in many luxury brands, the formation of long-term reputation effect indeed for Volvo to build the safety car brand image, it is very difficult for us to find security has nothing to do with Volvo ads. But today, BBA security is not inferior to Volvo, so Volvo still put safety as a marketing strategy will inevitably fall under. Geely acquisition Volvo closer and people’s emotional distance, but ultimately not implemented in the terminal sales, in the second tier luxury brand in the competition and did not win the initiative. Think carefully, in addition to security, Volvo left the image of the people is very vague. Say not disrespectful, security concept Chinese are talking about, not completely reliable. Just watch the road to see that many parents would rather spend five thousand dollars to buy an apple mobile phone, nor for the children in the car to install child seat. So it is still the main security Volvo is hard to impress Chinese consumers, not to mention opponents do not worse than Volvo. So Volvo want to make a breakthrough, we must get rid of the traditional security thinking, do something different. Volvo S90 made a change, in the car, we see Volvo began to talk about the design style — coupe style, strengthen the luxurious atmosphere, no longer adhere to the Nordic minimalist, playing can provide data support performance control — and Ferrari Porsche with a chassis simulator. At the Chengdu auto show, the Swede announced the introduction of dynamic indicators 5.9 seconds to break a hundred S90 T6 limited edition models, but also bring their own Polestar high-performance station. Although the figure is not new, but in Volvo who let us have some unexpected feeling when you sit up and take notice. Volvo is a sport – such as R series. In the competition are talking about the younger, talk about intelligence, talk about the ability to exercise, although Volvo came late, but after all, go to this path. As an executive car, this S90 did not bring an extended version. The pursuit of space for people to make the extension has been the traditional routines, A6 extension, 5 Series lengthened, E class extension, the new Jaguar XF is also extended, so S90 extended version is only a matter of time. Comfort has been lengthened BBA play for many years, the Volvo has 390 Limited import wheelbase version is more of a marketing tool, select Volvo to give up BBA, and then select a standard wheelbase of S90, this is Volvo to create another.相关的主题文章: