Lol US service version 6.17: the original   Sean redo towers AI changes; – game original title: lol. Version 6.17: the original AI change redo towers Sean today serving the United States formally updated version 6.17, let us look at the 6.17 official patch made what changes. Hero dark female Anne R skills after the death of Anne Tibers * additional attack speed and movement speed increased by 20% decline ice shooter AI * Q skills duration from 5 seconds to 4 seconds, down from 250425600 * R skill damage down to 200400600 valiant bomber Kutcher passive attack * investigation guard no longer cancel mobile ammunition package speed moon goddess Diane E * the biggest drag distance skills increased from 150 to 250 glory executioner Delevan R skills * mana cost from 120 at all levels down to the level 100 * cooldown from 11010090 seconds to 1009080 seconds down widow maker Evelyn R * skill cooldown from 15012090 seconds down to 1 2010080 seconds Izawa Riel passive Explorer * now each layer effect of the attack speed increased from 10% to 101214% (changes in level 1713) marine disaster Planck * basic life value was reduced from 580 to 540 * W skills skills mana cost increased from 60708090100 to 8090100110120 R * skill cooldown increased from 16015040 sec to 180160140 every second * wave damage reduced from 507090 to 356085 barrels of ancient Lagas E skills * cooldown by 12 seconds to 1615141312 seconds to improve the grade R skills * now has a fixed time of 0.55 seconds of flight future keeper Jess hammer skills * skills form E mana cost reduced by 4050607080 to 40 at all levels form R hammer skills * the next attack bonus spell by 0.4 adjusted to 0.4 extra attack * fixed a bug, the bug had caused Jess to switch to form in the hammer after there will be a period of time can not attack play life division W skills * attack power bonus from 70% down to 50% * on the minions and monsters from harm 65% to 75% R skills * early cancellation of no return of the cooling time * base damage reduced by 50125200 to 40100160 * has value on the loss of life and damage)相关的主题文章: