"Crash bang! Sohu mother Simon sits in her nest. The outside world is big in his eyes. "I wish I could fly like mom and dad!" He thought. Simon managed to head out to the nest. Suddenly, he fell out. Falling from the sky. "Help!" He did not say anything, already fell on the ground. "Crash – bang!" At that time, his head made such a sound. When mom and dad found him, he was sitting in the grass, feathers unkempt. "Does it hurt?" Mother asked him about it. "Crash – bang!" Simon answer. "Crash – bang?" Daddy feels so strange. Simon nodded. "Crash – bang!" He cried with pity. That sounds like a door is closed. Mom and Dad don’t know what to do. They gave him good food to eat, day and night to take care of him. They accompany him all the time, teach him to learn to fly. But no matter what, Simon are not like other birds as a chirping without rap out of sweet song. Simon tried again and again. But as soon as he opened his mouth, a still just pathetic "crash – bang!" Sound. Simon grew up day by day. "Hey," bang – Hello?" All the animals in the forest greeted him when they met him. Gradually, they have the habit of Simon’s "crash – bang!" Sound. On that day, an old rabbit came to the tree where Simon lived. The rabbit took a book, sitting comfortably under a tree and read it. "Crash – bang! Crash – bang!" Cried Simon. Old rabbit Carle looks up at the tree. "Your voice sounds so pathetic!" Carle said, "don’t you sing like other birds?" Simon shook his head. "Crash – bang!" He softly mournfully. Carle looked at him sympathetically. "I want you to be happy again!" Carle said, "will you come to me tomorrow afternoon? Let me see how I can help you." Simon nodded his head. Then he flew over the grassland, over the forest, over the hills, over the mountains…… Fly to the sea. Finally, he landed on a high rock. "Crash – bang! Crash – bang!" His voice was soon drowned by the sound of the sea. He cried and cried till he could not make a sound. On the second day, Simon flew to old rabbit, Carle. In the middle of the lawn, there is a sofa as green as grass. "This is a couch." Carle said, "boy, you lie down and be quiet. First memories of it? Are you from what time to start, the first time to call at – bang? Slowly think, do not worry……" Simon closed his eyes and lay on the sofa. In the beginning, only in the stars, Ben相关的主题文章: