Every day, NBA]13 [surplus ball basket color trend: the Knights wear disc into doubt Beijing time on Monday November 14th, NBA only 5 games, warriors, knights and thunder are home court, respectively against the sun, magic and the Hornets, the Lakers and the Timberwolves back-to-back meet. From against the situation, knights and warriors, the thunder will win great. But then let the knight, the season handicap downturn, thunder is encountered since nemesis, teams can play in a deep dish is not optimistic. The Knights wear disc doubtful warrior status hot Hornets VS knight, the Hornets this season, the degree of concern has increased a lot. A New Orleans home court 2 points failed to reverse, by the end of the season, 4 wins, 6 wins and 2 losses are still quite eye-catching. The road, the Hornets 3 straight victories and 2 win. The knight on a war 11 points wins the wizards, to avoid losing 2 out of 6 consecutive games at the same time, also lose the downturn. The Cavaliers in the past 2 Seasons on the Hornets win and lose 1 times, so that the points of the game of 5 wins and 2 losses is quite strong, while the Cavaliers at home also have a record winning streak of 4 games in the fight against the record in the world cup in the United States and the United States and the United States and the United states. But the Hornets this season the obvious progress, but weak Knight strength rolling plate, should continue to pay attention to this field may lose victory. The sun vs warriors, but also the sun today against the nets will be back to the home court, Oakland. The sun is 2 points to the first XI Portland, then back to back to back home court also beat the pistons, the overall performance has improved. But the sun away only 1 wins and 4 losses, only 1 win over the bottom of the pelican west. The warriors on a war 24 back-to-back away defeat the Nuggets, successfully achieved 3 wins and 2 win win plate. After the Champions League opener frustrated by the Spurs, has begun to officially on the right track. The warriors of the sun the past 7 game winning streak, is played 9 straight home court, in curry and Durant feel is good under the condition that the sun’s prospect is extremely dangerous. Magic VS thunder, yibaka and oladipo each every old master. Magic earlier this month once won 3 straight, but a war on the home court 13 point loss to Utah to eat 3 defeats this season, only 3 wins and 6 losses and lost 7 times, the overall performance is still very struggle. Thunder on a war home court 2 points against the clippers, first losing streak of the season this is the thunder. Magic averaging just 92.3 points, the number of ranked first in the league, the team have height is lack of strong points, it is difficult to attack and thunder. In addition, more interesting is that the thunder in the past 10 games, although the magic of the 9 wins and 1 losses, but actually as many as 8 times the disk. Wolves trend of poor pioneer Sai Chengyou vs Lakers Timberwolves, two teams to meet the Lakers today at Pelican Minnesota against the clippers. Outside of the game this season, the expectations of the two teams vary greatly, but the level is not playing the Timberwolves, but the lack of home star lakers. The Timberwolves had only 2 wins and losses in the first 7 games of the season, which was a lot worse than the Lakers’ top 5 and the top 4, and the Lakers defeated the team including warriors, hawks and rockets. The Timberwolves let out 4.5 points and let SP only, home win prospects are optimistic. However, the forest wolf image is obviously somewhat inflated, the young Lakers lineup recommend相关的主题文章: