"Dearest Deng Jiajia" Ming Group CP says not SM – Sohu entertainment drama "dearest" held a press conference at the Sohu entertainment news recently in Hangzhou, Deng Jiajia and Ming starring drama "dearest" held a conference in Hangzhou, Deng Jiajia dressed in retro color suit, show guards legs, elegant light Cougar deduction. Ming also appeared in a long suit of handsome, overbearing President Fan Shizu. The play is directed by Yan Po, screenwriter of Chen Jinhai, the plot twists and turns of the heart, the relationship between the complex intertwined around the three families to expand the emotional drama of entanglement. The Deng Jiajia in the play is a live broadcast of the workplace ", Ming Jie Zhen beauty" as is a foreign power "doctor Yang Zixuan". Two people for the first time, will play a pair of lovers in the film. In the conference site, when a reporter asked Ming and Deng Jiajia in the play of love what is the situation? Ming said with a smile said, "don’t go abroad is not careful, there are eight SM, kiss, if not, ask the director plus eight kiss…" Deng Jiajia and the Ming also have pointed out that Yan Po is directed by the director and script of the play. Deng Jiajia said, this character is a stronger girl. Although this movie is based on family emotional abuse as the theme of the drama, but for the Ming Deng Jiajia such a fresh CP combination of the feelings of the line, the audience is also looking forward to!   相关的主题文章: