Take wings to itself! Istanbul red cat statue stolen in Turkey’s biggest city streets of Istanbul a month ago but because of "thinking cat" known to every family of the deceased "red cat" Tombili erected a statue, the statue on the evening of 7 but take wings to itself. Tombili in Turkish, Italian for "fat kid", used to describe a fat cat. "Small overweight" who had been in the location of the statue lazily at street, sometimes look like thinking, often sitting like gangster. Is photographed after the "meow star people" popular network. Unfortunately, it died in August of this year. 17 thousand users in a petition on the website signature requirements for the "small overweight" memorial statue. Sculptor Sewall Shaheen in accordance with the "fat kid" in the photo in the sitting position, to create a statue. It was in October 4th "World Animal Day" to be placed into the "small overweight" first look at the position of the street. Turkey news agency Bianet8 reported that Calder koy people day posted online theft scene "absolutely empty" photos. "Small overweight" and the naming of alimenter Elias, Cetinkaya said, someone put the statue to pry away, "we can not think of who is doing". The local government confirmed the statue stolen, said it would add a new "fat kid" statue. (Chen Dan)相关的主题文章: