Not willing to fail! Women will be repeated with a man confession when we look at some of the animation works, if one tells a lot about the content of love, then it is bound to be very tangled. Sometimes in order to pursue the beloved person, the role will carry on the advertisement repeatedly, until takes it. In reality, women will do so? Recently, the Japanese media conducted a survey. Q. will continue to speak even if it is rejected…… Have you ever had more than one experience with a man? There…… 12% no…… 84% is not good…… 4% from the results, there are 12% of people said that because they can not put down the heart of love, so many times with each other confession. So let’s take a look at the reasons. – "can’t give up because I think he is the real prince charming, so didn’t give up in any case." (32 years old) "because there is no way to give up, so…… There’s no one else in my eyes." (33 years of real estate affairs) if the kind of love that can not give up, then it will not because of a failure of advertising back. Although this approach is likely to make the other feel troubled, however, this intention, the other side is definitely realized. Student things during the "I told the club when he said the confession predecessors, for a while to say. And then I’ll confess again after that." (25 years old), I like the same person from primary school to high school, I have a confession of the last 5 times." (29 years of Mechanical Engineering) some people will repeat it in their student days. Even if you want to give up, but because often meet the relationship, so there is no way to easily forget this feeling. Lack of courage – "no matter what you say, I have no courage to confess to the same person." (27 years of school affairs) "I’m not being rejected for the two time. Once is enough for me to give up." (24 year old medical professional) is a confession, you need enough courage. If again, how to think is not possible, right? After all, if you are rejected, you may lose your courage forever. "I give up" will give up, and then look forward to the next relationship." (23 years full-time school) "if the confession was rejected, so even if. I also have self-esteem ah." (31 years of financial affairs) at the moment of rejection, it is important to know how to change your mood. Even if the whole day can not think of the realization of love, but also can not solve the problem ah. I will always love – I watch his "will, if he seems interested in me, then again." (27 year old construction Secretary). Though I was rejected, I still like him. But only once." (29 year old print designer) even if rejected, but still very memorable. Some people will continue to wait for the next opportunity, but some people will be buried in the heart of this feeling. From the survey, some people think that if the confession fails, then in the future in front of him will be very embarrassed, so it will not continue." Some people think that a failure is enough, not goods相关的主题文章: