Ministry of land and other push the new deal to support the legal grounds of self driving camp land – Legal Network Beijing October 7th news reporter Qie Jianrong National Day holiday is coming to an end, perhaps self driving tourists are still on the road. According to experts, at present, the domestic self driving car is more and more favored by consumers, choose the self driving car travel crowd also showed an upward trend, but the self driving car parks area is also beginning to show, how to guarantee the legal compliance of land, recently, the Ministry of land and resources and other 6 departments to make it clear that the the Ministry of land and resources, support for self driving camp legal compliance, priority to ensure that the project is listed in the table with the camp of the project. According to reports, recently, the Ministry of land and resources, the National Tourism Bureau, Ministry of public security, the Ministry of transport, Ministry of housing, the State Administration for Industry and commerce departments jointly issued six "on the 2016 self driving car parks construction notice" (hereinafter referred to as the "notice"), at the same time, the publication of the 514 self driving camp construction project schedule. The six department requires all relevant departments to camp construction, earnestly implement the State Council proposed to speed up the self driving car camp construction, 500 camps "in 2016 the construction of the deployment. "Notice" requirement, the land and resources department should strengthen the guidance of the camp land, support the camp legal compliance land, give priority to ensure that the project list of the site of the camp. Six according to the Department of public information, 514 construction projects included in the Camp Camp table name, location, unit of investment, investment, land use planning, opening time and operation contents. From the land, less than two or three acres, more than thousand Chinese acres; from the investment perspective, ranging from hundreds of thousands of yuan, many billions of dollars. Among them, Zhejiang province is located in Songyang County, a village like the river camping base covers an area of only 2 acres, is located in the new city of Shangrao Province Tan Xiang Jiangxi Qianshan County called rock scenic area covers an area of self driving camp amounted to 1500 acres. The 514 camps in 31 provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities) and Xinjiang production and Construction Corps, and some have been opened, most planned to open before the end of 2018, including business car barbecue, fishing, picking wild camping, ancient village commercial street. According to the reporter, in accordance with the requirements of the general office of the State Council, by the end of this year, the National Tourism Administration will carry out special inspections with the relevant departments. Before December 15th, local tourism departments should jointly with relevant departments of the project listed in the table of the local camp project construction situation, problems and Suggestions Submitted to the National Tourism administration.相关的主题文章: