Guangzhou Ji Rio Olympic athletes with   owned by the school; Liu Shiwen was a tree alma mater – Sports – original title: Liu Shiwen alma mater Yu Shu cited sensation Liu Shiwen in "champion Lin personally for the champion tree watering the earth. Guangzhou Daily reporter Yang Min photo yesterday, Guangzhou Sports Polytechnic (formerly Wei Lun school) in the applause, the school trained to participate in the Olympic Games in Rio 6 athletes Chen Aisen, Liu Shiwen, Li Dan, Ma Jianfei, Huang Hong, thunder? And had to return to his alma mater at the Guangzhou Sports Polytechnic 4 Guangzhou players Yu Hexin, Liu Xiang, Tang Yuting, Wang Riwei the athletes, by the parents, the Municipal Sports Bureau and the school leaders, coaches and athletes, conveying college students welcome. Liu Shiwen, Li Dan, thunder and other Olympic champion and world champion in the school champion Lin personally for the champion tree watering the earth, once again caused a sensation in the campus. In August at the Rio Olympics, Chen Aisen and Lin Yue won the men’s double 10 meter platform diving champion, Chen Aisen won the men’s 10 meter platform diving champion, Liu Shiwen won the women’s team table tennis champion, runner up Li Dan harvest women’s trampoline. Zhang Fusheng ranked fourth in the men’s 25 meter air pistol project, the thunder, Ma Jianfei won fifth place in the men’s foil team project. They are from Wei Aaron who transport or once in the school study. Chen Aisen and Mr. Liu Shiwen spoke on behalf of the athletes at the welcoming event yesterday afternoon. The two players have all said that the Olympic gold medal will be their sports career in the new starting point, new journey, they will work harder, do not expect the negative state, to serve the motherland, with the strength and performance repay Guangzhou, also hope to his alma mater, do better more, cultivate more competitive sports talents for the country. College athletes awarded the "outstanding alumni" plaque, to encourage them in sports for Guangzhou, for the contribution of his alma mater. Subsequently, Olympic athletes came to school "champion forest", "champion tree watering the earth by sowing the" hard work, unity and cooperation, beyond the self, the spirit of patriotism and dedication "champion trees, let the students learn from here. They also came to the school history museum, looking back over the years the college’s footprint, and press "champion shoumo". As the delegation of China Rio Olympic Games opening ceremony of the standard bearer of the thunder after the activity was surrounded by teachers and students, everyone eager to take a photo with him and ask for a signature, a student even asked him to sign on the clothes. Known as the Chinese swimming team of a new generation of the goddess Liu Xiang rising popularity, she was also very warm and Shidishimei photo. Chen Aisen and Liu Shiwen gold medal contestant’s popularity due to natural be nothing difficult to catch a plane to leave early, after the event, the latter even when the TV interview was also surrounded by the students. Chen Aisen and Liu Shiwen grew up in the Wei Lun learning and training, to have deep feelings for every tree and Bush here. Two athletes of the parents and teacher came to the scene, the scene is very warm. Liu Shiwen’s parents told reporters, although now from Rio has won the past half a month, but her daughter has been busy with a variety of activities, in fact, really at home