Liaoning players up to 8 Shandong players banned banned 10 games for the Shandong team Wu Ke? Because of the conflict with Maxiell and was suspended for 10 games and sina sports news Beijing on October 14th news, Chinese Basketball Association announced announced on the last season (2015-16 season) finals "brawl" ticket, in accordance with the relevant regulations of CBA League the Liaoning men’s basketball team, participate in the group of three players Guo Ailun, he Tianju and Liu Zhixuan was suspended for 4 games and 5 games and 8 games. This news immediately triggered a heated debate, because there are a lot of fans in Shandong compared to the Basketball Association of Liaoning and Shandong for the punishment after a ticket, they think it is unfair. In January 27th this year, the Shandong men’s basketball team and the Tianjin team in the competition, conflict, Shandong men’s basketball team and the Tianjin team of foreign aid Wu Ke Maxiell in January 28th, the association quickly out of heavy fines, the Shandong team was fined 150 thousand, Wu Ke suspended for an additional 10 Games; the Tianjin team fined 100 thousand, Maxiell suspended for an additional 5 games. In May 28th, the Shandong men’s basketball team in the warm-up brawl occurred with the United States team match in June 8th, the association to open a ticket, Shandong team 9 team suspended and fined 80 thousand. In addition, because the Shandong team was no pre-season is scheduled to the new season, so it is not used to offset the pre-season matches suspended. The Shandong men’s basketball team players to the Basketball Association decision questioned before the Shandong foreign aid Jeter has questioned micro-blog said: "I have been in the CBA has been for four years, had never seen such a heavy penalty. Why does this happen to Shandong? The Liaoning players and fans of Sichuan fighting, Liaoning team players are suspended?" Ding also had to express their feelings of regret on micro-blog. He said the words, was suspended in so many players, the team has not many people play. So for the two different basketball brawl treatment is unfair? According to the provisions of the 2015-2016 season CBA League penalty order book: during the season, players in the competition venues and other players or other personnel in trouble, fights and other serious violations of law, by the public security and judicial organs, the organizer will depend on the circumstances are serious, reprimand, suspension of the 8-10 field for punishment and if the circumstances are serious, cancel the qualification of the season. This ticket, only Liu Zhixuan was suspended for 8 games, the remaining two people involved in beating only suspended for 4 games and 5 games. Compared with the Shandong team Wu Ke at that time because the conflict is not serious and was suspended for 10 games, suspended Liaoning players to light a lot. In addition, there are great differences in the ticket discharging time: Wu Ke second days in conflict with Maxiell, the Basketball Association immediately suspended 10 games out of the ticket; formal punishment Sichuan Liao finals conflict, was released after 7 months. (Lu Yan)