La Liga – belmer two C Ronaldo misfiring Real Madrid 3-0 victory over Baer again to continue to lead the accomplishment of Phoenix sports news Beijing standard time on November 6th 19:002016 17 season league eleventh round, Real Madrid home court against newly promoted Mallet Gane J. The real core of nearly 1 and a half months time to recuperate Modric’s injury, the second half he played 30 minutes off the bench. The first half, Baer with two cities; the second half, morata broke victory. Real Madrid home court final 3-0 victory over Eli Gane J, continues to lead the League standings. As a championship this season, Eli Gane J this is the first time in history to the Liga, in the League after they did not record against real madrid. La Liga after 10, Real Madrid 7 wins and 3 24 points to lead the standings, Eli Gane J 3 wins 1 flat 6 negative only 10 points in the relegation zone. Modri made the injury on the bench, but Ramos, Casey Milo and Benzema were unable to play. After the opening of the visiting team will put out to defend the posture, Real Madrid took the initiative, but several attacks last pass are less heat, did not produce a shot. Sixteenth minutes, C Luo because of dissatisfaction with the referee complained to the first yellow card. Twentieth minutes, Carvajal right pass, after Morata header slightly higher, completed the real first foot hit the door. After 1 minutes, C Luo into the restricted area on the right foot shot burst hit high, missed a good opportunity, the referee Chuifa offside then he. Twenty-sixth minutes, C Luo won a single opportunity, but this was offside. Twenty-seventh minutes, the visitors a good opportunity, Pires central area a hook shot wide of the right post. Thirty-first minutes, shot by guard blocking out easco. Thirty-eighth minutes, cross over the top pass accurately find Baer, the latter by goalkeeper Celant J to start a solo run, small angle push Kongmen succeeded, 1-0, Real Madrid ahead. Baer scored the first half stoppage time, cross free kick, Valane ferry to the door, Baer grab the goalkeeper before the ball into, 2-0, this is his fifth league goals this season. Belmer two easy side battles, forty-eighth minutes, C Luo left the bottom line pass, Baer beat a defender header by goalkeeper puzhu. Fifty-first minutes, Baer 30 meters away from the door from a free kick hit the door out slightly. Fifty-ninth minutes, cross free kick, Baer shakes Leipzig by the keeper. Sixty-first minutes, out of nearly 1 and a half months time Modri played for Kovacich, announced the comeback. Sixty-fifth minutes, C Luo kick by the wall, then harmes played for the easco. Seventy-first minutes, Si Maarof J Ki back foot shoots by Navas single palm beam prop, a threat. Seventy-sixth minutes, she sent Zhise left morata into the box to calm tuishe to expand the score, 3-0, this is his fourth league goals this season. Morata victory eighty-first minutes, Omar – Ramos Marcello for a retaliatory foul escaped the referee. Eighty-seventh minutes, J Luo free kick just wide of the right post. In stoppage time, C Luo kick as base