The wide network game defending champion Jankovic cut 4 singles – Beijing new network in Guangzhou in September 22, (Shen Zhao) 22 afternoon, defending champion Jankovic in the Guangzhou women’s Open women’s singles first round the big score 2:0 score and beat Lyyski, successful women’s singles 4. After the game, Jankovic said at a news conference: "I am very happy to win this game, because the opponent Lyyski is a very high level player, I also give yourself pressure to play this game." Jankovic in the first two games and did not encounter much of a challenge, the current round of Jankovic against Lyyski, although the score is 2:0, but the two scores were 7:6 And 6:4, Jankovic used "hard" word to describe this game, which shows the wonderful game. Jankovic said, the first game when the weather is hot and humid, a game played for nearly an hour, the game is difficult and stalemate. When asked whether there is confidence against the next opponent, Shinco kangniu US Open women’s singles quarter finals, Jankovic said, kangniu is a young and skilled opponent. "I have beaten kangniu in the grass on the field, but the 23 day of the game will be a new game, I will go all out to the finals, this is my goal now." Jankovic said. (end)