Beijing – VIDEO – Lang Ping talk about "women’s spirit": not only the collective project is fighting spirit of Lang Ping on "women’s spirit": not only the collective project is fighting spirit [August 27th] subtitles, the Rio Olympics elite mainland Olympic delegation arrived in Hongkong on a 3 day visit. In the afternoon of the press conference, the Chinese women’s volleyball coach Lang Ping said when talking about the spirit of the women’s volleyball team, fighting spirit is not unique to women’s volleyball and collective projects, many projects are so. [over] China women’s volleyball coach Lang Ping: Well, I think to be a lot of fans know very happy, well, I now have a long generation, because many young people told me that my grandfather had to get to see you play ah, that his grandfather even more, and now has ten 20 years old said Aunt Lang Ping, grandma Lang Ping, so I’m around the whole mess, but I feel quite happy ah as coach female coach, can stand on the stage for such a long time, I think it is a love of volleyball, is also a kind of stick, what is sorry second questions? What do you think of the different aspects of the women’s volleyball team? ) well I think there is a lot of reform and leap from 80 years to volleyball now, I think the changes of the times, his volleyball technique and form is really no way to describe it, as the women’s volleyball team spirit is the inheritance, I think, this is not change, especially the collective project well, we hope, our players, well, everyone should fight for the honor of our collective, individual again big also as there is no collective, so we say, we love this never give up the spirit of the women’s volleyball team, well, I think it is one of our traditions. This will never change. And I also want to say about the collective project everybody said the fighting spirit, in fact I think that many of the projects are the same, including the individual, such as our table tennis team and the diving team, they are champions, they are the best in the world. Well, I think as a coach in the world’s occupation is a very lucky thing, I can be the American team hired as head coach, I think it is Chinese glory, because the United States is a country of sports, especially in the collective project, we can hire a coach that China our Chinese, volleyball or is the leader in the world, then return to coaching is not the first time, I think as a culture from China sports talents, any country needs when they come back, I think as a coach in terms of occupation not only to go to the United States, I have also done in Europe well, so coach to coach in the world, I think it is a very lucky thing. Reporter Zhao Anyuan reported Hongkong Yan Baoyu Hector