Eat a little bloated, this is indigestion? Sohu health holiday at home, a lot of people’s Day is to sleep eat sleep eat sleep eat…… However, a lot of people think, "I don’t seem to have anything to eat, and I feel like eating.". Abdominal distension, as the saying goes, "there is too much gas in the stomach.". It can be said to be one of the most common symptoms of the digestive tract (said to be able to squeeze into the top two), from mild to very serious, and even affect life. There are some patients with liver cirrhosis ascites, intestinal obstruction and other diseases, there is something in the abdomen caused by abdominal distension, generally after the treatment of this disease, bloating will become better. So today, we mainly to explore, more troubled constipation, irritable bowel syndrome and other functional gastrointestinal disorders caused by chronic bloating problems. What is abdominal distension? Gastrointestinal experts believe that abdominal distension is mainly subjective feeling uncomfortable, the focus lies in the subjective feeling, rather than the stomach really have excess gas or water, is a signal from the brain. In the past, it was thought that abdominal distension and excess gas in the stomach, is directly related to, but in fact, many patients with abdominal distension, after examination and found no excess gas in the stomach or ascites. In the daily medical work, irritable bowel syndrome and other patients prone to bloating, often have a certain emotional or mental problems. So, sometimes the doctor will tell the patient, do not need to take medicine, go home to adjust the mood, will be good. Why does abdominal distension occur? It is a pity that the doctors are still not clear why these patients in the stomach apparently look good, but still feel bloated. The following are some of the most likely reasons: 1 intestinal Gao Min sensitivity is a theory that many doctors agree with about functional gastrointestinal disorders. Simply speaking, is this part of the patient’s intestinal nerve is relatively fragile, so for most people who have mild or normal stimulation, can make them feel uncomfortable stomach bloating, abdominal pain. 2 the increase in the number of bacteria in the air, I believe you love to see the doctor must have known, our digestive tract is not "clean", there are thousands of bacterial colonization. Yes! Some people think that these bacteria do ghosts, so they used a number of experimental methods to check the functional gastrointestinal diseases and healthy people, stool, intestinal mucosa, etc.. As a result, it was found that some of the functional gastrointestinal disorders, such as abdominal pain and bloating, were associated with an increase in the number of bacteria producing gas, and they were likely to be the main cause of these symptoms. 3 if you have a problem with your brain, it may cause abdominal distension. Abdominal distension, after all, is a subjective feeling, and this feeling is ultimately derived from the brain. It is not difficult to explain why many patients with chronic abdominal distension may be associated with mild mental disorders. There is also a nervous system in the gastrointestinal tract, and there are some similarities with our brains. Now, some people call it "gut brain", and do a lot of research. 4 other y