The congestion disease, have applied (micro survey) – Society – not long ago, Yunnan Tang Kunming people took his family to Yunnan ethnic village. Park Jingpo village in building eye Nao bustling square, the Dai dance and Lisu nationality. Minority activity turns staged, the park’s "Munao Song of the night" fiery opening. Lit the bonfire, under the leadership of the host, the tourists and the public hand in hand, around the campfire and danced a warm dance, the atmosphere is very warm. "To feel the activities of ethnic minorities, it is true." Mr. Tang said excitedly. However, a few years ago, Mr. Tang also had a bad experience here: it was just new year’s Day holiday, the national village did not know how many people squeeze, almost trapped out of the." In order to prevent too many tourists, the implementation of the Yunnan National Village scenic tourist carrying capacity classification, thus setting up early warning program at the peak of tourists. Staff Li Juan introduction: "during peak season, there will be a special security personnel monitoring traffic, abnormal timely disposal, the staff will promptly takes visitors to the open area, reducing the number of tourists concentrated villages. When the number of visitors exceeds the maximum carrying capacity, the ticket office will immediately stop the ticket, and a person responsible for tourists and vehicles to ease." During the holidays, in addition to routine performance, the village will also increase the activity and performance, to prevent tourists crowding a single venue and crowded stampede occurred. Li Juan told reporters: "we like on holiday park, the water splashing Festival, Torch Festival will prepare a plurality of site activities." Anhui travel enthusiasts Xiao Wang also felt this change. "Before no matter where to go, it was not under the high-speed traffic congestion, finally to the scenic spot is crowded." It is very different: the high-speed road significantly more smoothly; tickets are valid for three days, you can choose to avoid the peak period; the number of tourists has reached the maximum capacity of 80%, please arrange the tour itinerary, the main mountain crossing display will have similar tips…… "These years through the regulation of scheduling reasonable, basically achieved the peak in the golden week period, scenic one-day maximum load does not exceed 50 thousand people, forecast, thanks to the scenic area of the main push of the" three pre booking, early warning mechanism." In addition to standardize management, enhance the visitor experience, in the opinion of chief of the Chuzhou Municipal Bureau of Tourism Management Department Qian Zhaoyang, scenic traffic management science, is to ensure the safety of tourists, scenic effective means to prevent the accident. "It is the beginning of the nine month of Langya mountain temple, pilgrims crowded the fire almost destroyed Langya temple." A lot of years ago, an event, the money Chaoyang impressive. This year, the city of Chuzhou from the A-level scenic area, the full scale of the scenic area of the largest carrying capacity approved and control. "Due to the size and conditions are not immutable and frozen, the largest nuclear load on the scenic tourist should also implement dynamic management at the beginning of each year, re verify and update release, follow up supervision of Tourism Bureau will do related work." Qian Zhaoyang introduction. As early as in January 2015, the National Tourism Administration issued the "scenic area of the maximum carrying capacity approved guidelines", requiring the largest scenic area accounting for the maximum load capacity of tourists, and the development of相关的主题文章: