Chinese official pushing consumption "revolution" to eliminate system obstacles into winning hand – Beijing, China News Agency, Beijing, October 14 (Xia Bin) to eliminate the institutional obstacles for a winning hand "consumer" revolution "broke out in China people’s livelihood services. 14, 2009, Chinese Premier Li Keqiang chaired a State Council executive meeting to determine the policies and measures to further expand domestic consumption, and promote the development of the service industry and economic transformation and upgrading. Elimination of restrictions on the pension, education, sports and other consumer institutional barriers to become the first step in the next step. "This is the" revolution "in the consumer sector." Xu Hongcai, deputy chief economist of China International Economic Exchange center. He pointed out that in recent years, with the change of Chinese increased per capita income levels and the proportion of the population, the supply capacity of public services products, education, housekeeping, pension, health care, sports and other areas of inadequate, the supply and demand mismatch, and break the existing institutional barriers is particularly important. In retirement, the meeting proposed to cancel the bid for the cleaning of pension institutions unreasonable pre-approval, will support the old factory building, office of idle housing and after the transformation of public training centers, nursing homes and into pension facilities. Beijing aging in the pension industry promotion center chief expert Huang Shisong said, now set up a community pension service, to go through to find housing, location, decoration, fire protection, sanitation and epidemic prevention approval approval approval, approval and other related personnel employment, cumbersome process cumbersome, if cancellation unreasonable pre-approval can be a solid floor, will vigorously promote the pension industrial development. For education, the meeting proposed for-profit private schools charge can be established according to law by the independent pricing, encourage the development of Sino foreign cooperative education in the frontier of science and medicine, urgent and weak blank field. "Investment in education has always been a piece of meat to eat is very unpalatable of private capital." Economist Song Qinghui believes that although the meeting was not a direct relaxation of private capital into the education industry threshold, but the pricing and special subject decentralization can foresee the future of private capital will gradually get rid of yoke system, steadily into the education industry. In respect of sports, the meeting proposed to complete the first batch of sports organizations and institutions in the first batch of pilot, to promote the reform of the professional league, to promote the school, enterprises and sports facilities open to the community. Chen Yuanxin, deputy director of the Department of physical education, Huazhong Normal University, said in an interview with China News Agency reporters, at present, people have a sense of awareness of sports consumption, demand has greatly improved, but the supply side has not kept up with. Summer we go swimming, swimming pool with dumplings like, this is the immediate problem, facilities, venues and venues are inadequate, eliminating institutional barriers can be said to expand the field of sports consumption winner." Chen Yuanxin said, open to the public schools, enterprises and institutions of sports facilities can solve part of the problem, but we should pay attention not to the above types of sports facilities, generous subsidies, to ensure that the market subject of equal status, giving the private sports facilities fair market competition environment, promote the healthy development of the sports industry. In addition, the meeting also pointed out that the introduction of accelerating the development of fitness Hugh)相关的主题文章: