Hilary traced the hiding of the disease in recent 20 years that affect the election – the Sohu press a number of informed sources, the 68 year old American Democratic presidential candidate Hilary Clinton? The past over 20 years of overwork and ill, and regardless of the doctor’s advice, to hide the disease. Many people put forward two questions: as the race for the presidency, Hilary’s true health? Integrity of word of mouth? Strict confidentiality his staff did not know Hilary this month 11 days in New York city to participate in the "9? Unwell 11" commemorative activities, by hand and leave, later diagnosed with pneumonia. She told the CNN the next day, he will not give up the election, will be a strong push". However, many people questioned the health of the presidential candidate. Some people familiar with the memories, as early as 1998, Hilary will be sick after hard carry precedent. That year, when President Bill Clinton? Because of the "zipper" narrowly escaped impeachment, Democrats face tough challenges in the midterm elections, canvassing the responsibility falls on the shoulders of Hilary. According to the American doctor Mariano in his autobiography, Connie? Hilary said, 1998 non-stop run around in various campaign activities, leading to right knee thrombosis that White House doctor immediately advised her to the hospital and stay in bed for a week. But Hilary chose "hard to carry", to let a nurse to accompany her to go around canvassing. In addition, Hilary strict confidentiality of the disease, in addition to the secret service, almost did not tell anyone. "At that time, only a few people know, even under the staff thought she was just pulled a muscle while exercising." Mariano said. The habit of overload and persuaded the Hilary campaign spokesman Nick Smith said, 13 days? Hilary suspended his campaign trip, but still not idle, but read the briefing, and assistant call attention to President Obama, campaigning for her in Pennsylvania Philadelphia activities. However, she will resume the 15 campaign trip. Hilary admitted in an interview with the CNN, the 11 day physical discomfort hit a thing of her campaign momentum, "if I cancel the 11 day schedule, I will be better, but I didn’t take it seriously." Before the policy assistant Manila Hilary? Tandon said: "I am 20 years younger than Hilary, but no one day, I can catch up with her drive. She always gets up earlier than me." Virginia governor Terry? McAuliffe was the core getters Hilary 2008 presidential campaign "". According to McAuliffe recalled, Hilary used to overload, she is such a person, but do not listen to persuade". According to McAuliffe, "when she lived to this age, no one could change her". As secretary of state during the home collapsed around the latest events, many people also questioned, Hilary seems to deliberately conceal the health status, whether this performance can be linked to the presidency. The media asked, Hilary Tim Kaine, the Deputy campaign? Hilary’s campaign manager Robbie? Mukesh have refused to disclose when they know her condition. In order to appease voters mood, Hilary then said, she will be new相关的主题文章: