The man suspected of square dance noisy all shot a online shopping dancers jingfangxingju – Sohu news too outside the square dance is too noisy, Hubei Xiaogan City, a man was standing on the balcony with an air gun shooting, causing a dancer injury. In September 9th, Hubei Xiaogan City Public Security Bureau of the political department staff told surging news (), a month after the investigation visit, 6, police arrested the suspect Zhang, at present, the air gun has been confiscated, the suspect Zhang jingfangxingju. 9 pm, Xiaogan City Public Security Bureau through the official certification of micro-blog @ Ping Yingcheng released bulletin said, August 8th at 7 pm, who lives in Hubei old city street should be Chen (male, 64 years old) and as usual in the city should be in front of the court square dance, feel the leg pain after lying on the ground, around the partners found Chen’s right leg I do not know what the reason is bleeding, and the old Chen because of pain almost fainting. Partners call 120 will be sent to the hospital for emergency treatment, when the doctor took part of the bleeding from the leg of the old Chen like a bomb like objects, the family immediately call the police 110. Should the City Public Security Bureau of Criminal Investigation Brigade immediately commence the investigation. Informed that, after forensic identification, the lead bullet breakdown of the right leg of the old Chen, resulting in fractures, has constituted minor injuries. Due to the incident scene environment is noisy, light is dark, the victim in crowded places, the other people on the victim unaware of how injured. At the same time, the surrounding video surveillance can only record images of the victim fell to the ground, and no other suspicious personnel, investigation of the case was deadlocked. Analysis of investigation and Analysis on the situation of technical experts by bullet marks, eventually identified several buildings of key buildings, Mopai work for one month, Zhang (male, 42 years old, Yingcheng people) to enter the field of vision of the police. The police were investigated in Zhang, investigators found Zhang home balcony is on the scene, with the most favorable conditions were observed in the crime, the Zhang family decoration, the hobby of stitching aeromodelling by investigators, and review the files found Zhang on January 2015 this year for online shopping all accessories, should be the city the public Security Bureau of investigation. In September 6th, the Criminal Investigation Brigade of the psychological test and concluded that the case for Zhang, in a large number of police questioning before listing, because he could not bear the psychological pressure of Zhang confessed to their crime facts. Informed that the incident that day, Zhang drunk, because too out of the square dance is too noisy, take a bunch of online shopping all stand on their balcony, dancing in the crowd randomly pick a person at his leg and pulled the trigger, causing panic in the crowd after hope don’t come this dance. At present, all involved have been confiscated, Zhang has been under criminal detention according to law, the case for further investigation.相关的主题文章: