After 90 returnees are welcome to work in the enterprise has a unique advantage – the new network, 90 often have a distinct personality, in employment and work also presents significant characteristics. For example, the pursuit of personal preferences, focus on the realization of self-worth, peace of mind tends to calm. Then, as now, groups of returnees force, "90" returnees were welcomed by enterprises? After 90 returnees welcomed by enterprises now, in the recruitment meeting, 90 returnees figure more and more. But does this mean that companies tend to recruit 90 returnees it? According to the Beijing two Travel Culture Communication Co., Ltd. co-founder Cai Yun introduced in their companies, 90 returnees accounted for nearly half of the proportion. Their company is mainly to provide free travel overseas custom travel services, customer objects and 80 after 90 based. In the majority of its work team in the sea, and generally younger, 90 returnees accounted for relatively high. Cai Yun admits: in fact, when we recruit people, and will not value him is’ 80 ‘or’ 90 ‘, which for the candidates are in line with our job requirements and there is no absolute reference. The main focus is on the candidate’s background and professional skills." But she also said that from today’s job market seems, in general, companies still welcome 90 returnees. "This is a big trend now, more and more ’90’ into the workplace. And returnees in the knowledge, vision and other aspects still have certain advantages." In our company, ’90’ returnees probably accounted for 10% of the proportion." Beijing third joint office space, the chief operating officer of the western space. She for 90 returnees identity showed a more neutral attitude. However, ’90’ returnees may be more suitable in some positions. Some of the ’90’ Overseas Returnees in the study of professional in the country is more advanced, we may therefore be more interested in it. But this is not to say that the domestic graduates can not meet our requirements." The standard of their employment is also the ability to apply for the job. After 90 returnees have a unique advantage in the work of the "90" returnees enterprises, they play in the work of what kind of role? In Cai Yun seems, 90 returnees is a creative group, they can bring vitality to the development of the company. According to Cai Yun introduction, "90" returnees generally have a strong curiosity about things, they may have dare to think, dare character, so that they can contribute a lot of good ideas at work. On the one hand, a certain kind of company in terms of the nature of the work, the atmosphere of the environment in line with the preferences of young people; on the other hand, 90 returnees background and their own characteristics are also in line with the company’s job requirements. The result of two-way choice is to promote the growth and development of both sides. Jin Rui (a pseudonym) graduated from the The Queen’s University of Belfast. As a 90 returnees, she has a little personal experience. When she returned, she first found a job in a bank. "My internship at the bank.相关的主题文章: