Jiang Xiaopa beauty flower fairy     Wang Han and Jiang Yiyan — people.com.cn entertainment channel — people.com.cn station of Tengchong Tianfu left the capital of Sichuan, Friday night "we come" to the southwestern border town — the flowers of Tengchong. Since coming to Yunnan, which is known as the rose is said to sell the place, naturally, to allow the goddess to try a hundred flowers feast". Sitting in the Tengchong Wetland Center, autumn wind fields, white clouds the little sisters wearing garlands, dressed in beautiful clothes, "Tu Jiang raise hold" CP big show sisters: when Joe Chen said the most love sunflower, Sheenah said he is a sunflower, prompting Jiang Yiyan shouted "save life"! While we continue to praise the natural beauty of Tengchong, good at discovering the beauty of the sunset was suddenly attracted by Jiang Yiyan, stars together excited to pick up the mobile phone camera, basking in the afterglow of Tengchong together…… The image of goddess Jiang Yiyan no longer confused fisherman manners adorable bursting point in the period before the exposure of the photo, Jiang Yiyan is dressed in a green skirt and perspective, Tengchong autumn complement each other. But if you think that the goddess is to hold the clothes completely mistaken, put on heavy and not significant the waist of the fishing waterproof clothing, beauty painting like Jiang Yiyan. But when boating on the line again to the river. Two pole upside down, the GOPro plug into the water, which made everyone laugh; while in fishing, the blue team captain Wang Han led the way, trying to catch fish in the paddy field, Jiang Yiyan in the side of the clapping funny to forget the image of goddess. Turn her own fishing, swaying to the adorable look to everyone laughing. Users would like to ask you this: Xiaojiang students confused fishermen catch fish in wood? Tengchong station to challenge the "hardcore delicacy" Jiang Yiyan saw the collapse of worms feast "X star" is a comedy actor Song Xiaobao, in the game he played: "there may be a living, moving, climbing, long claws." Jiang Yiyan scared pale. It turned out that the game’s punishment is to eat, but the thing is to eat so many guests screaming again and again Yunnan insect feast". After wearing goggles Jiang Yiyan heard scared shouted: "there will be no live?" Joe Chen is unusually calm and said: "live to eat in the dead." And has been shouting"! Although the sisters said incense, Jiang Yiyan is still very scared, did not put on the mask before he tried to what is at what was in the box, but was "just and stern" Carina Lau found on the spot. The first attempt, Jiang Yiyan is not willing to wear goggles after her more irrepressible fear, secretly opened the eye look, the collapsed. Finally, Wang Han or a hero, for fear of the goddess who really "enjoy" the punishment. (commissioning editor Jiang Bo and Li Yan)相关的主题文章: