EU foreign ministers or discuss the situation in Syria sanctions on Russia EU foreign ministers to discuss the situation in Syria sanctions or Russia in new network on 10 October, according to the Russian satellite network reported that Brussels’s foreign sources said that during the 28 EU foreign ministers in October 17th held a regular meeting to discuss the situation in Syria because of sanctions against Russia the problem. He said: "this problem is not on the agenda, but is expected to discuss this issue." Prior to the Syria opposition Supreme Council called on the EU sanctions against Russia in the situation in Syria. The president of the German Federal Parliament’s Foreign Affairs Committee Norbert? Oliver confirmed that the situation in Syria may implement new sanctions on russia. The German government’s special envoy for Russia, Eller, said the German government has sprouted the idea of new sanctions. He also acknowledged that the experience of taking such measures is not encouraging". Earlier, the Russian presidential press secretary Per Skov said that Moscow Kremlin does not have reason to believe that the situation in Syria sanctions against Russia, because Russia is the only legitimate blow to the country’s terrorism. He said that there is no official statement that the European countries may impose new sanctions on Russia in the situation in Syria, so Moscow Kremlin does not think there is reason to consider the response measures. Russia’s foreign minister, Lavrov, is expected to gain the upper hand, not to blame Russia for all its problems. Editor: Wei Jun相关的主题文章: