The government website "physical examination" 111 problems were informed – Beijing Beijing News (reporter Sha Lu) yesterday, the general office of the State Council and government information open office (referred to as "the country office opened") informed the third time this year, the national government site inspection results. A total of 867 regional and state departments of the government website, with a pass rate of 88%. In addition, Heilongjiang, Jilin, Gansu and other places due to the problem is more prominent was informed. Random check 6 provinces pass rate of 100% this year from 9 to October, the State Office of public office checks 867 government websites. The results showed that the pass rate was 88%, up by 3 percentage points over the two quarter. Among them, the State Department of the government website checks pass rate of 98%, the number of government websites in various regions pass rate of 86%. From all over the situation, Beijing and other 6 provinces of the government website checks pass rate of 100%, Guangdong and other provinces of the sample pass rate of over 90%. Office of the State Office of the public at or above the county level departments of local government portal website and government websites the important information, and added "I was wrong government website" supervision and reporting platform to conduct a special inspection. Sampling results show that 84% of government websites on the home page to add a platform for monitoring and reporting portal. Look back on 100 website this sample of rectification found in the one or two quarter of 224 unqualified government websites for review, of which about half the site shut down, move up to higher levels of government website content, the other half of the rectification reconstruction, 96% sites of conformity. It is understood that there are 78% of the provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities) will be included in the government’s government website management performance assessment or special assessment. However, there are still a few places to implement the work is not in place. Heilongjiang province for 3 consecutive quarters of a higher rate of spot checks, and has not yet submitted a report on the provincial government website checks. Daily economic news reporter noted that in the second national government website this year, the situation in the briefing, Heilongjiang was pumped to the government website, there are 5 outstanding problems, the pass rate of 64.3%. Three quarter sampling, the number of sites in Heilongjiang is 19, there are problems in the site of the, the pass rate of 63.1%. And Jilin, Gansu and other provinces reported qualified sites, after the review found that there are some prominent problems site. In addition, Henan City People’s air defense office network, "Jiangxi" Leping town after "Yunnan", Luoping County Bureau of transportation network "on the website of the rectification of outstanding issues still exist. The problem with – stop more web content 1 and a half years this time were informed of the 111 problems existing in the government website. After the statistics, the existence of a page or column does not update for a long time, a number of columns for the blank problem are more than 40, the existence of the site can not be accessed for a long time, the number of sites about 30. There are individual sites, the message does not respond for a long time, after the two quarter was informed rectification is not complete and other issues. It is worth noting that the 3 departments of the State Council vertical management system was named, respectively, the State Bureau of traditional Chinese medicine website, Ministry of transport, the people’s Republic of china.相关的主题文章: