Help students improve Telecom fraud problems in telecommunications fraud "disaster area" of college students anti fraud knowledge, one of the short board is of course to be filled. This paper, Yang Peng recently occurred one after another college students encounter fraud, August 27th report to the scene in the freshmen of Southeast University, this topic has been the focus of attention of anti fraud. Daily economic news reporter noted that Southeast University freshmen get a 2016 freshman safety manual". Reporters learned that, in order to improve the safety awareness of students, after the opening of the new Jiangsu University students have to participate in the safety knowledge test". More than 60% questions related to prevent telecommunications fraud, not up to 80 points to retake. It happens that there is a similar case。 At the beginning of the new year, more than Jiangsu colleges and universities for college students to carry out universal awareness of fraud prevention publicity, media reports in the middle of the other provinces of the University also have similar initiatives. Perhaps, "fraud" may be just a fixed annual training freshmen action only, but in the case of Xu Yuyu just broke today, is a bit more remedial means, which caused the focus of the media. Indeed, in recent years, college students is the biggest threat to the security of the telecommunications network fraud "," college students into telecommunications fraud "disaster area", "similar reports have repeatedly hit the newspapers, but such as quasi Xu Yuyu students because of the extreme case of fraud of sudden death is rare. The data show that the first 4 months of last year, the average daily Beijing telecommunications fraud cases since 2.9, the incidence of volume has accounted for more than half of the criminal cases. To some extent, help troubled by telecom fraud groups of college students, it is particularly necessary and urgent. As someone has pointed out, the starting point of any network fraud must be part of the personal information. Second, the victim may be a lack of common sense to a certain extent. Third, any fraud in the end want to get the money to get through the bank, to use a real account into the banking system". In this regard, improve the telecommunications fraud in the hardest hit college students’ knowledge of fraud prevention, of course, is one of the short board needs to be replenished. Some college teachers think, "the anti fraud knowledge and safety awareness of the propaganda of domestic universities is not enough". The reason is that, in high school, college entrance examination is the primary task of teaching, almost the only task, "and that the college entrance examination scores are not directly related to the basic content, are ignored or deleted, a result, the children understand the" knowledge ", but do not understand the" life ", without much understanding and immunity for telecommunications fraud new crime. In fact, to be able to enter the University of young people, their strength is to deal with all kinds of difficult exam, but the lack of adequate social experience, it is easy to be eyeing a liar. Ubiquitous liar and trap, which is definitely not the scene of people’s lives, but can not help but say that this is placed in front of the reality, no one can escape. In this era, enhance personal awareness of fraud prevention and anti fraud ability is the real issues are "year after year, month, day". Of course, the governance of telecommunications fraud, from the source to the end, long force, grasping the co management, but not to combat fraud and fraud prevention;相关的主题文章: