Chinese movie box office boom is an unexpected decline in U.S. stock market center: a mirage and insubstantial objects? Exclusive national industry sector stocks, premarket after hours, ETF, real-time quotes of core tip: one of the main reasons for this decline is the unexpected box office network ticket discounts reduce. The two state – owned industry groups said last year that they would be blacklisted if the online ticketing agent set up a ticket at a price lower than the minimum price set for cinemas and film studios. Reference News Network September 22nd U.S. media reported that the filmmakers are good at whimsy, an illusion. In Chinese, the film industry prosperity is perhaps a illusion a mirage and insubstantial objects. According to the Wall Street journal website reported on September 21st, during the three day holiday this year, China’s box office revenue decreased by more than the same period last year by 15%. Is this summer Disasters pile up on one another., the box office is also disappointing. According to Deutsche Bank data, 6-8 month Chinese box office revenue decreased by 4% compared with the same period last year. This means that the box office popularity earlier this year has suddenly changed. In January this year, Goldman Sachs said that China’s box office revenue is expected to grow by 30% this year, to $8 billion 600 million, an increase of nearly 50% last year. This year is also Everything is going smoothly. Hongkong comedy star Stephen Chow’s "Mermaid" in the country after the release of the crazy 527 million U.S. dollars to become China’s highest grossing film ever. Reported that this year’s box office is a major cause of the unexpected decline in the intensity of online ticketing discounts. Including the Alibaba group, Tencent Holdings Ltd (referred to as: Tencent Holdings) mainly Chinese tech giants have spent billions of dollars on the development of the connection between users and business entities of the so-called "Online to Offline" service, sale of movie tickets is one of their main battle. Their online ticketing platform generous subsidies to the audience, the audience will be able to buy a minimum of $1.50 movie tickets. According to EntGroup, a research firm, about 60% of people in China now buy movie tickets over the internet. However, the situation has changed, the two state-owned industry group said last year, if the online ticket seller under the theater operators and movie studios set the lowest price ticket, you may be blacklisted. Regulators have also played a role in buying screenings (ghost), which is a common marketing strategy for movie issuers to boost ticket sales by buying a large number of tickets. Reported that at the beginning of this year has been optimistic about the Chinese film industry analysts have become more pessimistic. For example, Nomura earlier this month this year has been the overall Chinese film market growth forecast to 8% from 25%. Reported that before the film industry last year, the prosperity of the stock has been hit by the wind. IMAX Corp. holds a majority stake in IMAX China shares fell 35% compared with December last year. China’s richest man Wang Jianlin holdings of China’s largest cinema chain Wanda cinema line Limited by Share Ltd’s share price has fallen by nearly half in December last year. Editor: Guo Mingyu SF008相关的主题文章: