Chen Zhiwu and other 12 chiefs are doing this part-time who earn the most? A noteworthy phenomenon, several banks are seeking new listings this year or the independent director of the listed banks in the list, many chiefs figure. Vanke dispute so that the role of independent directors to become the focus of this year’s market attention. 2016 report disclosed just shortly after the news, 21 data laboratory incomplete statistics found that many familiar faces appeared in the 22 A shares the latest list of independent directors. Interestingly, they are not known, and independent director of the identity, but the identity of another. Then, the 12 chiefs of part-time independent director to get in return? After all, who earned the most? Since the A shares according to the following chiefs serving independent director, from the A listed company acquired the cumulative tax returns were ranked, return data from the listed companies last year annual report, as of the time of year 2015. Note: due to the time independent director concurrently each gangster and the number of companies were different, the following rankings only total accumulated income contrast, for no other. 1, 4 million 763 thousand and 900 yuan a figure for Ba: the State Council Development Research Center Deputy Director of Ba served as independent director of Minsheng Bank from June 2012 of the Ba, and was dubbed "the most expensive independent director for millions". Previously, he served for 6 years in the independent director of the Industrial Bank, but a total of less than 1 million 400 thousand yuan reward. In addition to the two listed banks, Bason was also in the David fund, the state securities, great wisdom, the air capital of 4 A shares of listed companies served as independent director. According to the data of 21 News lab statistics, from September 2005 to July 2014, served as independent director in the 6 listed companies, for the Ba additional income of 4 million 763 thousand and 900 yuan, annual average of more than 500 thousand yuan. In fact, he also served as Guoxin Securities (when not listed) of the independent director, but the income is unknown. That is, Ba has resigned independent director of Minsheng Bank as early as July 2014, but according to the regulations, the resignation will take effect after the next election in independent director. 2, Liu Jipeng: 3 million 443 thousand and 800 yuan a figure as president of China University of Political Science and Law, Capital Institute of finance professor Liu Jipeng Liu Jipeng as independent director in 12 heavyweights in the market, although not earn the most one, but it is also the largest one, the company!!! 21 laboratory data news statistics found that since March 2002, Liu Jipeng has been in power, Everbright Securities, river pharmaceutical, wanxiangqianchao and other 13 listed companies served or are serving independent director, as of the year 2015, a total of 3 million 443 thousand and 800 yuan of compensation for. He is still in the office of the 3 listed companies, the highest paid in aviation capital, for an average of 240 thousand yuan per year for an average of $4, gold gold to give him a reward of only 1/3 ($80 thousand). Changan automobile is the latest Liu Jipeng A shares this year, the term of office until the end of March 2019. 3, Liang Jinsong: 3 million 148 thousand yuan a figure for the director of former Hongkong Financial Secretary Liang Jinsong and his wife Fu Mingxia as the Hongkong Special Administrative Region before the financial secretary, Liang Jinsong can be said to be the most in the history of the A shares".相关的主题文章: