Chinese named "blue collar" FAW-VW new cross-border travel car debut – Beijing, Beijing, October 14, 13 days, FAW – Volkswagen brand seventh models C-TREK brand name Chinese "blue collar" officially announced. The collar is the FAW – Volkswagen Chinese market and the actual needs of consumers based on strategic models tailored a segment of the market to lead the trend and the trend of the public, is not only the world’s first A-class car also Chinese cross-border travel, first cross-border travel car. According to vendor news November 3rd Wei collar will be officially announced the listing price. As the public’s first class a cross-border car, Wei set car, car, SUV multifunction in one, not only has the car’s comfort and control, but also has a large carriage of easy access to the large space and the adoption of SUV. For the show’s debut, the general manager of FAW Volkswagen Sales Co., Ltd. Dong Xiuhui said: "as China’s first cross-border travel car, blue collar launched to meet the needs of users at the same time, will also bring more surprises and opportunities for market segments." The general manager of FAW – Volkswagen Sales Co., Ltd. Dong Xiuhui announced C-TREK Chinese name — the blue collar wagon originated in the United States, popular in Europe, it is closely related to a wide range of emerging and mature automobile culture, improve traffic conditions and the diverse way of life etc.. The US and Europe, travel car is full of flavor, advocating natural, romantic symbol of freedom, not only represents a way of life, it is an attitude to life, so almost every family has a European tour bus. For travel, travel car mostly having large suitcases and roof rack, can carry a lot of travel goods and entertainment activities, such as ball, ski, bike and pets, and handling and driving pleasure also did not lose the three car version of the car, coupled with its relatively low price. Make travel car sales in Europe more than three sedan. In recent years, with the maturity of the domestic automobile consumption concept and the improvement of living standard, more and more 80 90 have more independent and confident consumption concept, the holidays with family and friends, driving a car travel, travel for travel way is increasingly favored by them. However, in the current domestic market, car travel is to import into, and expensive "exotic", a few of several models in the sale of more high-end image shows, a layer within sight but beyond reach "with no reality whatever is less a" down to earth, for ordinary people can afford "amiable", consumers can choose models less. Wei collar appearance, can be described as the right time. It is not only the FAW – Volkswagen to fully grasp the market opportunities, in-depth insight into consumer demand, unique innovative strategic models to travel in the name of the launch of the new models, but also a style is completely different from the existing models of FAW Volkswagen, with large space, multi function, good handling and ride comfort of the multiple use value, both can accompany the occupants of the daily life of travel, and meet friends and family travel demand. Guest photo FAW – Volkswagen Sales Co., ltd..相关的主题文章: