The fifth session of the 8264 open on December 3rd meet wonderful ski snow in Heilongjiang with a photo of friends of winter sports rapid development, this year’s "ice cold" is also fierce. 8264 as a continuous success of the 4 ski open outdoor platform, this year is no exception, the fifth session of the 8264 Heilongjiang open ski station Pingshan shenlu the upcoming December 3rd hot start. 8264 ski open is initiated and sponsored by the "8264", and hosted major national ski cooperation around the ski club co held the largest non official skiing, ski station held 5 events per year, covering more than 10000 professional ski fancier, attracting thousands of friends to participate in the snow. 4 years, 8264 will first consider the size of the snow and snow road, invited Ski Association Professional referee for the match checks, take into account the public participation we provide price and snow skiing competition the most preferential accommodation for 4 years, adhering to the "0 profit" principle, do not charge any fee for the game, has also been skiing accepted. Participated in the event of the snow friends all sigh, 8264 ski open professional high, the public interest is strong, and even a lot of friends in the snow each successive games or to participate in a number of snow. This year in order to increase the fun and participate in the national ski ski race, the 8264 Competition Organizing Committee set up specially for the friends of snow skiing, ski school, kite 8264 size rotary speed and other interesting projects, give the ski fancier competition, as well as non professional teaching experience and more friends of snow. Thanks to JACK WOLFSKIN, UVEX, LEKI, 360° panoramic camera, loctite; ER MAO SKI sports and other outdoor brands to provide rich prize; thanks to the Pingshan shenlu ski resort and ski club, Harbin kite sister, ultimate Sporting Club Hotel, bear children ski school, snow outdoor ski club support thanks to strong global reports; Sohu GOSKI, sports, skiing, ski race, Sina music, outdoor outdoor, outdoor adventure and other media partners, the participants are more enthusiastic. (rank). Over the same period, 8264 new brands of outdoor equipment will also be launched in Tmall promotions, help the fifth ski open wonderful departure. The fifth opening of the 8264 ski racing schedule: