Murray will follow a thigh injury MRI: British media or miss Murray in the defending men’s singles champion Hingis Jin Manguan missed the women’s doubles tennis sports Tencent in September 20th last Sunday, Murray in the Davis Cup against Argentina player Pera, although three straight sets defeat for the British team to get 1 points, but during the race due to a hamstring injury to accept OTC treatment. Today, Murray will accept the thigh muscle nuclear magnetic resonance. British media worried that he might miss the Chinese Tennis Open injury. Murray or miss the net from Friday to Sunday, just three days time, Murray hit a dozen hours of play, especially with Del Botero battle played five sets, took more than 5 hours. After the game, Murray deadpan interview, he said: "my right leg felt severe pain. I have to go and see what’s going on. I need a break。 Playing so many games, the body needs to rest. I said to my team, I can feel that this weekend will be very tired, but also expected to be hurt." Del Botero did not participate in Sunday’s game, Murray said: "we may forget that he has been plagued by many injuries. He made the decision that we should respect 100%. Because he has gone through a lot, but we know nothing about it." Following the Davis Cup, Murray then went to Beijing, Shanghai, Vienna game, followed by the Paris masters and the ATP world tour finals. From the current situation of injury, Murray is likely to miss the charity show this Wednesday. His original partner, France’s Monfils, also withdrew from the event because of injury problems, Dimitrov will be out of the game. Still, Murray doesn’t want to miss the show. He said: "the situation is not ideal. It’s hard for you to find extra time to participate in the tennis season. I have been preparing for the show a few years, I hope I can get well on Wednesday." In 2016 China tennis tournament will be held at the National Tennis Center from September 25th to October 9th according to the plan, the three men’s tennis giant Djokovic, Nadal and Murray will be unveiled at the national tennis center. However, according to the British "Daily Telegraph" reported that Murray thigh injury may affect the original itinerary, worried that he might miss the China Open tennis tournament. (winter wheat)相关的主题文章: