Second spring! Dzeko 10 Serie A Games 10 goals in an exposure had refused to inter – who is now still brave Dzeko sports Sohu in Europe of the fire in front of God? Dzeko’s name must be in the column. Since the start of the new season, Rome killer play very well, the 10 round of the league in the past, Bohemia gains 10 goals to lead scorer, which has more than his last season only a total of 8 goals in achievement. Just one summer, Dzeko will be reborn, return to the peak, really surprising. Dzeko of this argument is that as long as the habit of serie a goal as Tannangquwu rhythm. For Dzeko’s outbreak, the broker Irfan Redzepagic lamented that this summer there are a lot of teams to buy Dzeko, including the international Milan such a strong team, but fortunately we all refused. According to Dzeko’s agent Irfan revealed that during the summer, including international and Milan from the UK and China club to Bohemia threw an olive branch, but the Rome club are to be rejected, they very firmly will Dzeko stay in the team, Dzeko this season, 10 games has scored 10 goals, which is the best the wolf returns. " first, must say, Edin Dzeko is a very good player, " agent said in an interview with "Gazzamercato", "the first season is very difficult for anyone to see Simonyi Ariza in West Ham’s performance You’ll see.. In addition, last season, Dzeko is actually standing in a very awkward pseudo nine position, but now he is a pure center." In addition, Irfan is also the first foreign agent admits inter told Rome quotes Dzeko, "it is true that inter should leave icardi preparation, so they found Dzeko as a substitute for Dzeko, but they are not enough sincerity signings. We have also received offers from China and the United Kingdom, the Chinese team to Dzeko’s transfer fee to 30 million euros, also includes an annual salary of $15 million amazing. But for Rome, the club will not consider selling Dzeko, because they know that once the recovery of the state of Dzeko, the team will greatly enhance the strength." Hard work pays off, waiting for Dzeko in Rome integrity of the spring of second, at present, Dzeko has been in Serie A top scorer with yinmobilai icardi and opened the gap by 2 ball superiority over Golden throne. While the 10 league games and scored 10 goals the achievement also can not help but recall the brilliance of Gonzalo Higuain last season, "Milan sports newspaper" and praising Dzeko for Bosnia and Herzegovina version of "pipita". Obviously, Dzeko to play like this, definitely can lead Rome won the scudetto!" Broker Irfan says. (GD)相关的主题文章: