Analysis of outcome of color 16167th handicap: Paris low water potential positive – Sohu 16167 period the victory and defeat color quiz Champions League group phase 4 round of the tournament, the time span of two days, 2 days at six, 3 am eight. This is the second cycle group phase, and then the third round of the two back-to-back battle, is undoubtedly the promotion of watershed battle. Since the international week, coupled with the domestic cup Saygase, nearly two weeks since the League giants and the powers due to intensive schedule to go downhill a lot. The winning color Europe refers to nine games support the disc half above the market, seemingly bile material everywhere, but some of the popular must guard against. This season and Europa Cup qualifying since the spot hit the jackpot lottery Bo repeatedly recommended. 01 B Besiktas VS  Naples     Besiktas [since the 30 soil super 2] new season warm-up battle owned nearly 18 games 11 wins 7 flat unbeaten Champions League team before the round 1 wins 2 flat unbeaten with 5 points ranked second, 1-1 draw with Dinamo Kiev home court; Naples serie a nearly six 5] Game 2 wins and 4 negative bad state, the Champions League 2 wins 1 negative 6 points from the top. The two teams in the first leg against Besiktas away by a ball ball half 3-2 upset win. Europe refers to the 99 average of 370: 348   203 or 103 disk guest Let the hemisphere high water disc potential adverse.   340:   360 Libo;; 200 = SNAI and 360   340   210 and two in Shengping low value should take two. Check lottery 30. 02 A Basel VS Paris Saint Germain   01 Basel Switzerland super 1] nearly seven games 3 wins 2 flat 2 negative poor record, the Champions League Round of 1 flat 2 negative winless, only in the 1-1 draw with Latz for the home court; Paris Saint Germain Ligue 1 [3] is less robust than in the past, the Champions League 2 wins 1 flat unbeaten, plot 7 points ranked second, home court 1-1 draw with arsenal against the other two teams must be getting 3 points in every game of war. The first leg of the encounter Basel 0-3 negative opponents. Europe refers to the 99 average increase 560   412   158 or 088 disk guest Let half one low water dish a good. William Hill: 600 =     = 400; 161 and 400   525   Libo; 160: the Lord – compensate discrete rejected. Radio 0 lottery. Check 01. 03 A   0 VS Lou many roots serve arsenal; Latz galad Paul super 2] through three Champions League qualifying 3 wins, 3 unbeaten to qualify for the group phase is 1 Level 2 negative winless, a home court lost 1-3 to Paris; Arsenal [Premier 2] at the beginning of the season not fear a line of combat, the Champions League 2 wins 1 unbeaten, a 1-1 draw away to Paris. The first round against Latz for the 0-6 defeat away. Europe refers to the 99 average down 937   544   1.相关的主题文章: