Uber said that in ten years you hit the "fly", really fly it? [Abstract] Uber technology Tencent said the day before to provide the true sense of the flight of the taxi service in the next ten years, and to help people realize the dream in the science fiction film hollow commute. But like a teeter automatic driving technology, more subversive "fly" development plan will not Everything is going smoothly. in advancing the process, and will encounter many from regulatory and technical challenges. How is Uber going to do that? In less than ten years, the taxi giant Uber successfully changed the taxi industry. The company is currently in Pittsburgh, the United States, and even test automatic driving technology, and is being implemented in an orderly manner to become the world’s most valuable startups target. And now, Uber even promised to provide consumers in the future flight taxi service. Uber days ago released a 99 page white paper, white paper shows "air short distance commuter system will come out in less than 10 years". Uber predicts that in the future commuters will be able to board a small plane, take off vertically, and arrive at the destination within minutes, and such a small aircraft can even be unmanned. At the same time, Uber will be launched in 10 years, called "Elevate" on-demand all electric aircraft network. With the network, passengers will no longer have trouble with traffic jams, from San Francisco to Silicon Valley is only about 15 minutes, the price is comparable to the ground UberX services. Silicon Valley is only 15 minutes to fly from San Francisco in fact, people for the Air Commuter dream early in the birth of the automobile and aircraft has existed, the concept was even in 1926 on the "popular science" (Popular Science) magazine, Henry Ford (Henry Ford) in 1940, has said the technology the upcoming. And now, Uber plans to make this dream come true. The headquarters is located in San Francisco’s transportation giant accidentally personally design or create a similar flight network, but hope that the use of forces, the catalytic inoculation market, set private enterprises and government departments to solve technical, regulatory and infrastructure challenges, including the cell density, the certification of the aircraft and air traffic tube technical level the problem. "If you can solve all these problems, then you have the potential to bring a new way of transportation." Geoff, director of Uber products, (Jeff Holden) said. The "flying" technology has been implemented, whether you believe it or not, to build a flying car is not the most challenging part of the plan. Uber white paper, the company expects the market will be in 5 years to launch an all electric aircraft vertical take-off and landing, the aircraft can be 150 miles per hour to fly 100 miles, and to accommodate more passengers and pilots. Aviation experts believe that the time line given in this white paper is reasonable. Boeing and Airbus have launched a lightweight, lightweight, fly by wire system for commercial aviation, while consumer – level UAV products are sufficient to demonstrate advanced software.相关的主题文章: