IPhone7 to determine the appearance of   in September 7th; a new round of mobile phone war is about to break out – Finance – People’s attention to the fall of Apple’s new conference to determine the time. Apple Corp issued an invitation yesterday, said it will hold a new conference on September 7th, is expected to release a new generation of iPhone and smart watches AppleWatch2. Previously, Apple’s invitation is a mostly vague words or patterns that. But this time, apple wrote an invitation on the See you on the 7th". In the industry view, this may be a phrase with a double meaning: the first is to determine the conference time for U.S. local time September 7th 10 morning (Beijing time on September 8th at 1 a.m.), also suggested that the new machine may be named iPhone7. This is the apple for 5 consecutive years at the beginning of September held a new conference, every time the most attention is the new mobile phone. However, iPhone7 may be the history of life the most thorough Apple mobile phone, from the exterior to the configuration details are exposed. All kinds of hearsay showed that iPhone7 has "waterproof" upgrade ", cancel the headset interface, wireless charging, battery life longer and more" and "Bluetooth headset collocation" and "deep blue" and "32GB ROM", "double rear 1200W megapixel camera and so on. Despite the Cook era Apple Mobile conference, almost every time faced with innovation and weak accusations, but meaningless, which is the world’s most talked about the new mobile phone conference. But the mobile phone manufacturers are eager for a fight, one after another in the apple press conference after the foot shot launched products. Last week, Samsung Note7 landing China market, 360 mobile phone Security launched Q5, the introduction of red rice millet Note4, then HUAWEI, Nubian, Meizu, LETV and other manufacturers are ready ammunition. A new round of mobile phone war is about to break out. (reporter Jiao Likun) (: Prince Yang Xi Hou, commissioning editor)相关的主题文章: