A primary school in Ji’nan did not advance to seek the views of the owners to move into the school overnight move desks and chairs the original title: primary school to move, a district of Ji’nan hundred owners that night that Ji’nan Yin Chen moved into the school and primary school more than 600 students to school Fengming news, near the small area 100 Fengqi owners objected, they said the education department did not seek early the views of owners, and about the school class will appear chaotic management and other issues. The evening of October 28th, hundreds of owners of the District Feng Qi Feng Ming School building is equipped with hundreds of sets of Yin Chen primary school moved to the entrance of the school desks and chairs. Night table and chair out of the teaching building, a sudden more than and 600 students, did not seek our advice." The owners said Ms. Feng Qi Gong Yin Chen, a primary school to the sixth grade primary school moved to the Fengming, too many people, she worried that the school will have problems in management. According to MS Gong introduction, Feng Qi district school-age children are at school many owners believe that in Fengming, Yin Chen primary school after school occupies Fengming educational resources, so they put on the evening of October 28th is equipped with Yin Chen hundreds of sets of tables and chairs from the primary school teaching building in carry out. 5 October 29th afternoon, reporters came to the Fengming school, placed in front of many sets of tables and chairs, hundreds of small owners gathered in Feng Qidi. "Because of the nearby primary school do not accept these students, so it was forced to arrange the Fengming school." One parent said, there are many schools can also be the nearest school near the Yin Chen primary school, he did not understand why go long way to school fengming. Two separate independent teaching management in the middle of the crowd is Licheng District Education Secretary Pang Zhenfu, he explained, in time, Chen Yin Feng Ming primary school school of existing teaching resources to parents. "The two schools together we will instruct the school to strengthen the management, and the two is the school management separately and independently of the education and teaching work." Pang Zhenfu said, I hope the owners from the perspective of love to accept Yin Chen primary school students, I hope the owners can understand support. According to the issuance of Licheng District Education Bureau and the Hong Kong Ditch Street office "to the residents’ letter to a friend", Yin Chen primary school new school was started in October 26th, and will be put into use in the summer of 2017. The study intends to move into the school primary school Yin Chen Kuanyu Fengming school, the transition period until September 1, 2017 next summer, Yin Chen primary school moved back to its new premises. The open letter said, the school is a government all Fengming public compulsory education schools, the District Education Bureau can according to the law of education resources to co-ordinate arrangements for the school layout, Fengming design scale of 36 classes, currently only 7 classes, the remaining 29 classes, Yin Chen primary school is a temporary transition, does not affect the school enrollment in 2017. Worried about the new school can not be completed on schedule for Pang Zhenfu’s explanation, the small part of the owners still have to worry about. "We also love children, but Yin Chen is in primary school stands below the dwelling for four years, because when the Department of education in building a new school is a problem." One owner said, can not let the education department work mistakes passed on to the owners of Feng Qi)相关的主题文章: