Vanke acquired India joint acquisition platform to complete the delivery holds 96.55% equity capital flows thousands of thousands of hot column stocks the latest Rating Rating diagnosis simulated trading contest: national investment adviser at the client King catch shares of sina finance App: Live on-line blogger to guide Securities Times News Network October 31st news (reporter Zhou Shaojie) the securities times original title India: Vanke acquisition to complete the delivery to build the retail commercial real estate leading enterprises in October 31st, Vanke A (000002) – and India Commercial Co. Ltd. jointly announced a joint trading platform in the acquisition of India and several partners. Vanke has successfully passed the national Ministry of Commerce review, and completed the delivery. So far, the joint acquisition platform holds 96.55% stake in india. The Blackstone Group Management of real estate funds in the transfer of most equity holdings, will remain a small part of the equity. According to reports, after the completion of the transaction, India officially became the Vanke Group member companies, Vanke and India will produce the synergy of resources, sharing of resources through exchange, enhance the bargaining power in businesses, rich target customers big data, accelerate the management of export business, optimize financial cost, expand the business collaboration space. Vanke will continue to support the city’s service providers to promote the positioning of the transition, India will continue to be committed to build China’s leading retail commercial real estate sector. As early as 2014, Vanke officially put forward the city supporting service providers ten years strategic transformation plan, in addition to the traditional residential business, increase the exploration and development of real estate industry, real estate and other new business experience of consumption. Vanke said: "India has been in retail commercial real estate for more than 13 years, has accumulated rich experience in management team and high-quality business resources, attracted a number of domestic and overseas business partners and work together, India will accelerate to Vanke shares" city supporting service providers’ transformation, promote products and services upgrade, create more stable long-term investment value for shareholders." Previously, China Vanke (02202.HK) in August 21st on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange disclosure of the acquisition of the Blackstone Group under the name of commercial real estate company. According to the announcement, Vanke will be established by the investment fund, to 12 billion 870 million yuan acquisition of Blackstone Group under the name of the commercial real estate company India 96.55% stake in the group and MWREF company. The fund holds India Group and MWREF, the Blackstone Group associates by the management of the majority stake. It is understood that India (the original "SZITIC providers set) since its establishment in April 2003, has been focusing on the retail commercial real estate, met with WAL-MART, CapitaLand, Morgan Stanley, Caire and other business partners to achieve in-depth cooperation. Stone group in 2013 to manage the real estate fund based on the development of domestic commercial real estate market is optimistic about the choice of shares as a force in its domestic retail commercial real estate platform. In cooperation with Blackstone for nearly three years, India through the acquisition of independent development and assets, continue to promote the depth of regional expansion strategy, doing fine shopping center management. The Blackstone Group China president on real estate相关的主题文章: