Experts: new car will not cause prices rose up to 50% higher than a taxi 30% Guangzhou daily news (reporter Liu Ranran) Guangzhou taxi industry announced in October 8th to deepen the reform of 3 policy documents, overnight topic triggered much attention. The reporter interviewed a number of people yesterday, we found the pain points in the main taxi taxi difficult, single service network, about the car is not standardized, public departments in the implementation of the new deal, regulate the industry at the same time, also to make cohesion capacity, price. "Now the car service quality than ever before, need to regulate the industry too, but that’s too strict nobody out driving, there is a" knowing that black car is not safe, and cannot do without "feeling", "Guangzhou taxi family Miss Bai said:" after all also wants the government to organize transport vehicle delivery so, back to the taxi difficult, taxi expensive." Interview with this reporter participated in the drafting of the country to deepen the reform of the taxi, regulate the development of the network about two documents of the draft of the Ministry of transportation expert Professor Xu Kangming. Xu Kangming pointed out that Guangzhou is the reform of national policy in the local "optimized": "the core idea of the national policy is through the hierarchical classification of regulatory initiatives, so that two types of dislocation in the market, the service demand, service object, service quality, service mode to form differentiated service system, shared passenger demand. Guangzhou’s policy is not only consistent with the principle of national policy, but also to further optimize the scope of the policy allows, so that the high-end network about the car to further play the role of market allocation of resources." He also mentioned that the conventional regulatory mechanism of the development of two kinds of taxi formats used coordinate classification regulatory thinking is the international big city, typical examples are Seoul and Mexico City, the net about car taxi cruise high quality and the formation of competitive differentiation. A long-term study of Professor Liu Wenjing of Jinan University School of law, the local government under the condition of market economy management said in an exclusive interview with this newspaper, paid by a limited number of times (2 days) of the request, is defined by the behavior of "public welfare" and "profit" necessary conditions "drive around in the street all day is definitely not" carpool "instead of working, really conducive to saving resources and protecting the environment of the road traffic" carpool "is in fact not for profit. The real ride should have several distinct features: first, the owner himself was the driver, because the driver who is willing to hire, and others’ carpool ‘probability is not high; secondly, the owners and passengers sharing Luqiao fuel charges, fees and other costs; third, to work on the way…… Do not meet these characteristics, there are suspected of operation, should be registered according to law, according to the law to purchase insurance, tax law." In addition, Professor Liu Wenjing pointed out that the reform from Guangzhou can see the government’s sincerity: "local legislation" set aside the window ‘first public participation in the program window on the left, Guangzhou taxi industry to develop and deepen the reform of the 3 policy documents, are taken into account adequately for comments, to collect public opinion comprehensive consideration, public participation will publish." Links: experts said it would not cause the price rose yesterday night dance相关的主题文章: