Make the world tour "highland" — the Travel Channel original title: to build a world tourism "highland" 2016 is "13th Five-Year" planning the first year of implementation, for the realization of Tibet tourism industry healthy, sustained and rapid development, Tibet this year as the tourism standardization construction, and decided to carry out the fine demonstration work in tourism scenic area. How to turn the resource advantage into economic advantage, we must grasp the special function and effect of our tourism industry, in-depth analysis of unique advantages of Tibet tourism industry, out of an effort to comply with the law, the development of Tibet tourism industry has a characteristic plateau tourism development road. The author believes that to promote the transformation and upgrading of the tourism market in Tibet, to adhere to the development of integration. To make the integration of various resources, accelerate the linkage of various industries, supporting each other, mutual penetration of resources industry, give full play to the cluster effect, to build high-end, boutique line, in the transformation and upgrading, to build Tibet into the world tourism highlands". First, adhere to respect the law of tourism development. Tourism is not only the result of ancient civilization in the history of human development, but also an emerging industry in the ascendant. It is also a comprehensive industry. It has important economic value, cultural value, people’s livelihood value and ecological value. Tourism as a new strategic pillar industry, how to do bigger and stronger, has its inherent laws, to these basic laws should be carefully studied and implemented in Tibet tourism service standard system. Secondly, adhere to people-oriented. Tourism is a popular project, each tourist is the experience, is also a judge, propagandist. Tourism services, visitors have the right to speak. To meet the basic needs of the majority of tourists, protect the legitimate rights and interests of tourists, and constantly improve the satisfaction of tourists, is the starting point and destination of tourism services. Finally, adhere to the characteristics of Tibet. Tibet is known as the "roof of the world" and "the third pole of the earth", each of the first visitors to Tibet heart is full of curiosity, but also concerns on the alpine climate. Tibet special climate, geography, folk and other integrated into the standard system for the majority of tourists with Tibet characteristics of tourism services, so that tourists really comfortable. ((Faye Wong): Li Xingyue, even pure commissioning editor)相关的主题文章: