BaoFeng Lake scenic spot for tourists to send moon cake to celebrate the mid autumn of September 15th, in the traditional Mid Autumn Festival, Zhangjiajie BaoFeng lake and yangjiajie cableway, the tens of thousands of visitors to the Tujia characteristics of moon cake, in the scenic and tourist festival. Every year the Mid Autumn Festival, together with tourists celebrate the festival, become the beautiful scenery of scenic spots. In order to make travel holiday tourists at home and abroad, enhance the travel experience, BaoFeng lake and yangjiajie cableway every year to give visitors to the moon cake, really interact with visitors. "Actually sending moon cakes to tourists is not uncommon, but it is the epitome of Zhangjiajie people’s hospitality." Mention of mooncakes in mind, BaoFeng lake and yangjiajie cableway responsible person said, "eat a Tujia homemade cakes, tourists will travel to Zhangjiajie happy, praise. Every year, we act silently and add some pleasure to the tourists, and we feel very rich inside." According to the staff, in order to prepare the moon cake for tourists, as early as a month ago, the scenic area staff began to busy, customized moon cake and packaging, inspection quality, sent to the scene in batches. In the field of yangjiajie cableway, staff Zhang told reporters, in the "drunken beauty love Lake" BaoFeng Lake Scenic Area and for the endorsement of the "BaoFeng love goddess" together for visitors to send moon cake last year, this year received many blessings, wish to find the other half, perhaps is because of love Lake shelter. He said happily: "gifts of roses, fragrance in hand. This year, I chose to spend the Mid Autumn Festival with tourists in the world’s rare peak wall wonder, and also for my love life, strive for a blessing package, harvest round and round results." Reporters on the scene saw the visitors received scenic holiday wishes are very happy, active with elder brother Mei, Mei elder brother and praised the scenery with Zhangjiajie. Liu from Shenyang with her daughter to the BaoFeng waterfall very excited, two days ago is still in line to see the Chinese (Hunan) International Travel Business Conference and Chinese Hunan International Tourism Festival opening ceremony video, the scene is shocking, now see the real, really beautiful." Liu daughter told reporters. It is understood that BaoFeng Lake as the first national 5A scenic spot, Zhangjiajie with only one with high sandstone peaks of Pinghu Gorge Scenic Spot is perfect, the new version of "journey to the west" Huaguoshan Shuiliandong, the real shooting, the reputation of "drunken beauty love Lake". Zhangjiajie ten attractions — the first BaoFeng goddess, is BaoFeng Lake "Lake Town treasure", Xiangxi is also a symbol of love and patron saint of children.

宝峰湖景区为游客送月饼共庆中秋 9月15日,在传统中秋佳节之际,张家界宝峰湖景区与杨家界索道,将上万份土家特色月饼送给游客,在景区与游客共度佳节。每年的中秋,与游客一起欢庆节日成为各景区的靓丽风景。为了让旅行过节的海内外游客,增强旅途的体验,宝峰湖与杨家界索道每一年都坚持给游客送月饼,用真心与游客互动。“其实给游客送月饼并不鲜见,但这是张家界人好客的缩影。”提起送月饼的初衷,宝峰湖景区与杨家界索道负责人表示,“吃着土家人自制的月饼,游客开心了,才会给张家界旅行点赞。每一年,我们默默地行动,为游客增加一些旅途的乐趣,我们内心觉得很充实。”据工作人员介绍,为了给游客准备月饼,早在一个月前,景区工作人员就开始忙碌,定制月饼和包装、检查质量、分批送到现场。在杨家界索道现场,工作人员张先生告诉记者,去年在“醉美情湖”宝峰湖景区与为真爱代言的“宝峰神女”一起给游客送月饼,收到很多祝福,今年如愿找到另一半,也许就是因为情湖的庇护。他开心地表示:“赠人玫瑰,手留余香。今年,我选择在杨家界全球罕见的峰墙奇观里与游客共度中秋,也算是为我珍爱一生的爱情,争取一份祝福的大礼包,收获圆圆满满的结果。”记者在现场看到,游客朋友收到景区的节日祝福都非常开心,主动与阿哥阿妹合影,并称赞阿哥阿妹与张家界的风景一样美。来自沈阳的刘女士与女儿到了宝峰飞瀑非常兴奋,“前两天还在网上看到了中国(湖南)国际旅行商大会暨中国湖南国际旅游节开幕式视频呢,现场很震撼,现在看到了实景,真的很美。”刘女士女儿告诉记者。据了解,宝峰湖作为国家首批5A级风景名胜区,张家界唯一一处砂岩峰林与高峡平湖完美结合的景区,是新版《西游记》花果山、水帘洞的实景拍摄地,素有“醉美情湖”之美誉。张家界十大王牌景点之首——宝峰神女,是宝峰湖的“镇湖之宝”,也是湘西儿女爱情的象征和守护神。相关的主题文章: