University of Jinan female bathroom now "Voyeur" was taking a bath roof is a man of Qilu news network November 2nd seven p.m. yesterday, there is a micro-blog message at the University of Jinan girls raged: School baths actually appeared abnormal! Micro-blog said, the West Campus of University of Jinan is abnormal. When the girls take a bath in the bathroom, the roof suddenly fell down a person. According to the "Daily News" reporter reports, according to micro-blog on the content, found the school canteen is located next to three baths. Now, here the ticket office closed the door, pulled the curtains, the door was put on a piece of paper, write the "closed for maintenance". So, what happened last night? "They say a man was caught. Not like school." The man caught school classmates said, was yesterday on the microblogging Hero: a female student a man. If not yesterday he fell from the roof, perhaps this evening will go to the girls bathing. "I heard that the three canteen there what the roof collapsed. I heard the saying that someone in the above peek, and then led to the collapse of the. This person may be later smashed was sent to hospital." After the incident, the 110 is also the first time arrived at the scene, the man was taken away. So, what this "Heaven Voyeur" bathhouse, what is the internal structure? One student told reporters, a window in the bathroom is open. "Is to take a bath when a window is open and is off. There is a ventilation window, you can see the outside of the. Always open. Usually the curtain has been so, so close to you is not good. (required) to a point, don’t wash there at the door." My classmates said, not only the internal structure of bathhouse in some places is easily seen by people outside the school, and bath or opening up business. "Five dollars a. The money will be washed, aunt or canteen what to have." Reporters around the bathhouse to walk in a circle, looking for a two to the roof of the road, most people feel worried about is the bathhouse behind, near a playground location, usually hardly noticed what, many fences are demolished, demolition of a one meter wide gap, in an opening go along the wall, can climb to the two floor.

济南大学女浴室现“偷窥狂” 正洗着澡屋顶掉下一男人   齐鲁网11月2日讯 昨天晚上七点多,有一条微博消息在济南大学的女生里炸开了锅:学校内的澡堂居然出现了偷窥的变态!微博上说,出现变态的是济南大学西校区。当时女生们在浴室里洗澡,屋顶上突然就掉下来一个人。   据《每日新闻》报道,记者按照微博上的内容,找到了这个位于学校三食堂旁边的澡堂。现在,这里大门紧闭,售票处拉着窗帘,门上贴了一张纸,上面写着“停业维修”。那么,昨天晚上发生了什么呢?   “他们就说有个男的被逮住了。貌似不是学校里的。”学校同学说的这个被逮住的男的,就是昨天微博上的主人公:一个偷窥女学生洗澡的男人。如果不是他昨天从房顶掉下来,也许今天晚上还会去偷窥女生洗澡。   “听说三食堂那边房顶塌了什么的。听说的说法就是有人在上面偷看,然后导致塌的。后来可能是被砸的这个人被送到医院了。”   事发之后,110也是第一时间赶到现场,将男子带走。那么,究竟这个“天降偷窥狂”的澡堂,到底是个什么内部结构呢?   一位学生告诉记者,浴室里一个窗户是开着的。“就是洗澡的时候有一个窗户是开着的,是不关的。有一个通风的窗户,可以看到外面的。一直就开着。平时那个帘子就一直那样,靠的太近的话就不太好。(需要)往里一点,就不要在门口那里洗。”   同学说,不仅澡堂内部结构有些地方容易被外面的人看到,而且,这个学校澡堂还是对外开放营业的。   “五块钱一次。给钱就可以洗,阿姨或者小卖部的什么都来。”   记者绕着澡堂走了一圈,寻找出了两条能通往房顶的道路,最让人觉得担心的是澡堂后面,靠近操场的位置,平时几乎没什么人注意,很多围栏都被拆卸了,拆出了一个一米多宽的豁口,从豁口进去,沿着墙走,就能爬到二楼。相关的主题文章: