Guangdong Media: the defending effect or rival Huanshuai grasp the present more important sports Sohu   from this season AFC Champions League group phase was eliminated, the coach thought of Scolari has been accompanied by sound criticism, the lineup, long-term fixed systems almost no change, rigid employment way. Although the 2015 AFC Champions League led the team to get the championship, but these problems have made the Brazilian popular criticism. In a word, Phil’s conservative, let the fans are not satisfied, the voice has not stopped coaching. In the eyes of many fans, in Phil’s period, 4231 formation is even the basic position of the immutable and frozen, players are fixed, the opponent in the face of Hengda, the team’s tactics familiar. At present the premise in numerous international and big foreign aid focus, Hengda scores can be a certain degree of assurance, and in today’s increasingly fierce and super AFC Champions League, close to a dozen of the world is still a risk of boxing. In the Lippi era, the Italians in the training of young players or to Hengda left a lot of wealth in Scolari’s period, the Brazilian team is more rely on the rich experience of "hand", young players rarely play the leading role of this opportunity, to a certain extent, how much influence the growth of young players. Players like Li Yuanyi can only choose to leave the team. Indeed, Scolari has led the people are not satisfied with the place, but it is a pressing matter of the moment the rival team finish this season, after the August downturn, Hengda now lead in the standings only 6 points, and Suning recently is in good condition, Hengda has not withstand any mishap, the outside world I’m afraid about Lippi rumors intensified, the team will be affected. According to the Chinese Football Association announced schedule, in order to prepare for the 12 round of the Orangemen set aside enough time, the Super League will end at the end of October, coupled with the FA Cup second round will also be carried out in September, so from now on, Hengda every game is tough, the team must first do yourself, and wait for the opponent make mistakes. Unfortunately, if the team are lost in double champion, then the situation is probably not so simple change. Such a situation, it is more important to grasp the present, move, etc. the end of the season.