King Road should be swallowed clenbuterol may be "not shut up" Luneng official response to sina sports in the League restarted, the day before coming home court against Luneng AFC announced Changchun Yatai, King Road before drug inspection AFC Champions League 14 final first leg away 1-3 defeat to Seoul FC was positive the AFC shall be banned from all football activities for 60 days of punishment (temporary). In the AFC announced the news, clearly pointed out that the A sample King Road contain "Clenbuterol" ingredients. According to the rules, Jin Jing Road can also apply for B bottle detection. If it is true, Jin Jing Road will also become a team in recent years, Luneng fell into the lean second pit. First of all, the basic can confirm that the King Road "Clenbuterol" accidental. As a kind of abuse in the domestic animal husbandry of drug, clenbuterol (clenbuterol) on the human body injury has been widely recognized in the medical profession. In other words, as a professional athlete, the intention to take "Clenbuterol" as a stimulant to improve their competitive level, is a normal thinking can not happen. More importantly, in terms of doping detection, because lean meat in some of the chemical components (elements) and stimulants similar or the same, only lean meat as a stimulant. Chinese athletes, fall into the "Clenbuterol" pit athletes have be too numerous to enumerate. This time, can only blame the spread of "Clenbuterol" food. Second, even if the "Clenbuterol" origin due to worrying food safety, if the B bottle of urine King Road is still the case, then it can be determined, is probably the largest gold students did not take control of the mouth". Because with the king of the road at the same time the sampling of the other three members of the test results are all normal, but also ruled out the king of the road is a possible problem in the club diet. The car in front after the rut, 2013, was in the reserve team, Luneng Han Ze in selected Olympic team, the State Sports General Administration of Anti Doping center out of competition doping tests after the selected in the A bottle test results showed anabolic agents (i.e. Kherlen Tero, clenbuterol positive). After applying for B bottle test, the results were still positive. According to the full evidence provided by the South Korean side later, it is proved that because of eating out, eating foods containing clenbuterol. But, at that time in the China Football Association briefing pointed out clearly that the evidence provided by the athletes showed positive likelihood of containing clenbuterol caused by meat dish, intentional use of clenbuterol small possibility." In other words, to a certain extent, was detected lean meat athletes, belong to the sad reminder bad luck". In addition to their own lack of Anti Doping knowledge and awareness of prevention of doping, can not be self disciplined is also a very important reason. Third, the official response Luneng Club, will be actively cooperate with the AFC investigation". Moreover, the club’s announcement of the use of the king Jing Road incident, the words. This also means that, if the B bottle test confirmation, Jin Jing Road, in addition to being punished by the AFC, but also will face the Chinese Football Association and the club’s recovery. Referring to the Luneng