LG 2-0 Chinese Korea cup 4 strong South Korea Tinghuan coulee Park negative half failed to stop the footsteps of Pu Tinghuan coulee sina sports watch action figure chess Click to watch the broadcast record in November 14th, twenty-first LG Cup Korea daily qiwangsai 8 strong wars started at the Tian Yuan Tower, two confrontation between China and South Korea, coulee enemy Pu Tinghuan, Meng Tailing Shen Zhenxu negative, Chinese players Zhou Ruiyang, Dang Yi Fei civil war clearance, between 2 to 2. November 16th will continue to compete in the semi-finals. Gu Li Gu Li Pu Tinghuan Gu Li Pu Tinghuan and the war in the end of a war is undoubtedly the focus of today, one is China won the most World Championship (8 times) of the 80 "veteran" is a hope to prove their first Korean people. The first guess, Gu Li zhihei first. Two people on the opening of the wonderful changes in the first half of the board to form a conversion, each side. The middle stage, Pu Tinghuan suddenly force, cut off the black on the left a little dragon, coulee homeopathic sacrifice, built a majestic appearance on the right. But after the judgment is that the estimated coulee, simply for confining dissatisfaction, so the lower left corner of the actual combat black work into the black, white appearance, the whole white dragon to coulee the real intention comes in the end. However, Pu Tinghuan in the lower right corner of the lower hand out rule alone, eat black four, live very successful, Gu Li work not completed. The final Pu Tinghuan set victory. Meng Tailing accident late, sorry quickdefeat Meng Tailing lost basic Zhenxu Shen LG cup is every 3 hours, at 9 in the morning announced the start of the game. Usual chess game is 9:30 or 10 point war, Meng Tailing mistook the game time, think at 9:30…… Tianyuan building on the Qian Tang River, before Meng Tailing could take a walk by the river to adjust the mood, who knows but missed the start. 18 minutes after the start of the game, Meng Tailing hurried to the court, in accordance with the rules he was deducted twice for 36 minutes. This episode may have affected Meng Tailing’s mood, the game he did not play. LG cup no lunch break, the chess game to around 13 noon on the end of the middle Tailing Meng defeat, missed the top 4. The chess game is the latest, but the end of the game. After the game, Meng Tailing face the color of regret. China player Zhou Rui Yi fly through civil war party party Yifei Chen Yaoye 8 wins and two players Chinese civil war, Party Yifei black half Sheng Chen Yaoye rounded out the top 4. The party Yifei previously won the BC cup runner up, according to the Chinese reward section of chess rules, the two World Championship runner up or a helicopter nine, therefore, the party Yifei if the semi-final acquired can cross the border, will receive nine helicopter segment qualification. Zhou Rui Peng Liyao wins another player China civil war, Zhou Ruiyang white middle Sheng Peng Liyao. This is China and South Korea each have two players shortlisted four, after the match will be semi final draw, please pay attention to relevant reports specifically against Sina sports. LG World Cup tournament chess every 3 hours, 5 times 40 seconds countdown, the total prize money of 1 billion 500 million scale, the championship bonus was 300 million and 1 won. Semi decision