Nie Weiping: the full strength of the countdown to the first; please Lippi a little – Sports Sohu harass the people and waste money Beijing time on November 15th, Chinese team draw against Qatar in the home court 0-0, although the chance to win the 12 qualifying match died farther, but we have seen Lippi coached the national football team is a team with hope. However, grandmaster Nie Weiping in an interview said that the country foot strength is the bottom first, please Lippi a little harass the people and waste money. See the country’s 0-0 draw with Qatar after the match, Nie Weiping said: "it is a good practice should go back to basics, now we catch the accurate rate is too low, low to simply can not imagine, is always to the people at the foot of. We have strength is the last first, when the initial goal is not set too high, should be at least second countdown." Lippi command for the Orangemen, Nie Weiping said: "Gao Hongbo is defeated for strokes, I think Lippi is not working, taxpayers have spent more than 100 million ah, a little harass the people and waste money. They really can not boast, too bad. I didn’t want to say, I’m afraid they can’t stand it." (public number: lifasports)