World Cup – Tiewei send shot Gameiro shuangxiang lattice 4-1 France wins – Sohu   sports; Beijing time on October 8th at 2:45 in the morning, a focus of the war in 2018 Russia World Cup European qualifying group A second round of fierce competition at the Stade de France, the French home court against Bulgaria. The first half, Sarnia sent, m Haier Alec Sandrof burst of accomplishment, then he assists Gameiro header equaliser, paillet balls lucky broken each door, Gregory Saltzman seize the lead guard failure in bulgaria. In the second half, Gameiro finished two assists. Finally, the French home court reversed 4-1 victory over bulgaria. The French team in the history of the Bulgarian team and played 20 times, scoring 33 goals to lose 25 balls, get 8 wins 4 flat 8 negative, is equal to. The last time the two teams to play back to the 1996 European Cup in England, the group stage in the French team beat Bulgaria 3-1. The French team scored 19 goals in the last 10 games lost the ball, got a good result of 7 wins and 3 draws. However, the first round of World Cup group phase, the French team 0-0 away for the Russian team stuffy. In this summer’s European Cup in France, host France won the runner up. Bulgaria scored nearly 12 goals in the last 10 games and scored a total of 19 goals and scored a record of 5 wins and 5 losses. The first round of World Cup group phase, the Bulgarian team 4-3 victory over Luxemburg’s home court. In the game with the French team before the start of the bulgarian football union select fire Peitefu Huanshuai, choose to leave, the 52 year old Huo Bchev took over his position. Against France, this will be Hobci J’s debut in the Bulgarian team coach. The players, the first Lori return from injury. The French team got off to a bad start, sixth minutes, Bulgaria won the opportunity to fight back, Sarnia forbidden area left behind the defensive Milano husband down, the referee a penalty, m Haier Alec Sandrof overnight, the ball hit the left post inside the net, 0-1! Ninth minutes, Gregory Saltzman road closed area right foot shot, the ball was a defensive player blocked. Fifteenth minutes, Koscielny pass, bogeba outside the area right foot shot ball. Twenty-third minutes, France equalised Sarnia right to send accurate biography, gamero box header, the ball flew into the far corner of the net, 1-1! Twenty-sixth minutes, the French team ahead score, paillet cross from the left, although the road surrounded by Gregory Saltzman no top the ball, but affect the goalkeeper’s judgment, the ball flew into the goal on the right side of the net, 2-1! Subsequently, he was replaced by Sidibe because of injury. Twenty-ninth minutes, Bulgaria won the opportunity to fight back, Evelyn Popov pass, the Diacov forbidden area right foot shot, the ball was blocking the defensive player. Thirty-fifth minutes, Evelyn Popov pass, Stella Hill Popov made a super long distance shot, the ball missed the full open range. Thirty-eighth minutes, France again to expand the score advantage, Bulgaria guard passes, the ball passed near the top of the arc Griezmann, the left foot shot).