Tattoos Nowadays, both men and women choose to get cross tattoo designs. This is because this design represents a great meaning and a strong message to the person who has the tattoo. You can either be a religious man or not for wearing the tattoo. Here are the common meanings these tattoo designs are being represented with. Generally, cross tattoos are associated with the particular Christian religion. This is because a lot of Christians are passionate and deeply proud of their religion. By having this tattoo design, they feel like they can convey their loyalty, strong belief, love, and respect for the Christian religion and for Jesus Christ. The reason behind this is that the Christian cross is a symbolization of the return of Jesus Christ from the dead. There are several different kinds of Christian crosses. First, you have the basic Latin cross which only consists of the two intersecting lines. The next famous design is the crucifix which is a depiction of Jesus Christ on the wooden cross. The other variations of these crosses include those that are covered with nails or thorns. Aside from the Christian cross, there are also designs for the Celtic cross. In order to achieve an attractive design, this tattoo design incorporates a circle with the Latin cross. Not only are these designs popular with the Christians, they are also famous with people that have deep Celtic connections throughout their family’s history. By getting the tattoo, they are honoring their heritage. Other cross designs which are gaining popularity is the memorial and the Gothic cross. The memorial cross is common with people who have lost someone they love and by having a tattoo, they have made a permanent memorial. These tattoos are normally made in a gravestone shape and usually have some suitable words or passage included. The other cross design, the Gothic, is being worn by people who are Goth. They are not necessarily religious but still would like to have some religious image in their body. Normally, these designs are influenced by German style and can include a cross combined with daggers and barbed wire. Generally speaking, there are so many different cross tattoo designs which are available. They have always been popular and probably, they will still be as popular due to the striking image and powerful symbolism they have. Aside from having deep religious meanings, this tattoo design also conveys a respect of spirituality for the non-religious people who get the tattoo inked on their bodies. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: